September 17, 2018



Nona said...

That's true. I never saw it from the side of the Brits.
But then, this was at a time when the Brits had INVADED Ireland and Scotland and SLAUGHTERED a great many of the PATRIOTS of those countries and the rest were taken as chained SLAVE to the Brit colonies in the Caribbean, the U.S. South, and Australian, to work in the fields in the broiling sun. Also, Irish and Scot women and little children were kidnapped and sent to plantations, as well.

The Brits were NOT innocent little angels!

Nona said...

Also, the Brits , at the time, had taken a great many Colonists, as prisoners, and put them into prison ships in the Colonial harbors.

ANd remember, the Brits also, kidnappted American seamen, right off American ships and forced them into their Navy. The treatment of any seaman was horrendous, with whippings and torture committed against the common man. You just have to read various histories, and connect the dots.
(Read "Mutiny on the Bounty," et al.

In fact, the Brit commanders, leaders, Lords, were scum!

WWS said...

AG: Good series (3, more to come) on pre-Norman "Vikings" invasion of England (Mercia et al). (Start first at 1:30):