September 17, 2018

Fema, Trump: Thursdays test of Presidential Alert to Every Phone in US ~~ ~ 09/17/2018...

Big Brother... shades of 1984...

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Voltman said...

Here's what Trumpenstein might say:

1) Assad must go. Bombs away!

2) Iran is the world's biggest supporter of terrorism and since we're in the war on terror, we're going to bomb them. Bombs away!

3) Russians are bad so we're gonna bomb them too. Bombs away!

4) Animal Assad used propane gas to roast a lamb. Bombs away!

5) Brutal dictator Assad who gasses his own people at least once a year has been spotted once again GASSING little old ladies and beautiful babies. Bombs away!

6) North Korea's Kim has been seen building bigger bombs; the CIA knows for sure that the bombs will be launched very soon...any day now. So of course, we have
to take out their military infrastructure. Bombs away!

7) Nuttin'Yahoo said it's time to bring on Armageddon so the moschiac maniac can come back and rule the world as king of the jews. Bombs away!

8) I' m stepping down as POTUS because..... fill in the excuses.

9) I quit and I'm handing the job over to David Robert Steele...or...Nuttin'Yahoo!

10) I wanted to nuke Damascus but General Mad Dog wasn't mad I'm afraid I have to fire him. Bombs away!