December 09, 2018

Brexit: December 11th 2018 House of Commons

One month after the 11th of November 2018, the anniversary of Armistice Day comes the vote in the House of Commons of the deal proposed by Prime Minister Theresa May that according to UK's Attorney General and main legal adviser of the British government is a legal trap that will transform the United Kingdom into a colony of a foreign power.

Once in there is every change that Britain will be never out transforming what Theresa May categorised as a deal to comply with the decision made by the British Electorate in the EU Membership Referendum of 2016 into a trap that will leave Britain in a much worse position both politically and economically.

It has been said that Theresa May who campaigned to remain in the European Union has deliberately plotted to keep the United Kingdom inside the European Union and that without caring for the United Kingdom she broke a deal that will actually enslave an entire country and subject to the designs of the European Union.

But there is much worse to come. Sources from within the British Armed Forces have indicated that in secret meetings the British Prime Minister has agreed to surrender the British Armed Forces and British Security Services including MI5 an MI6 to the European Union.

If what many fear becomes a reality, Britain will be faced with a political crisis of major proportions comparable to the British Civil War, a Charles I/Oliver Cromwell moment, in which heads will be chopped.

Tuesday, December 11th 2018 is also a crucial deal for all political parties involved. The Status Quo might no longer be an option and political fragmentation is in the cards.

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