December 09, 2018

Right-wing Catholic media—gatekeepers for masonic anti-Catholic hate industry

By Jude Duffy

Dec. 9, 2018 Anno Domini

In 2007 Cardinal George of Chicago responded to calls from organised Jewry for the Catholic Church to abandon  its prayer for the conversion of the Jews, by suggesting that the Jews themselves might consider removing anti-Christian passages from the Talmud (I). A short time later Cardinal George found himself accused of “covering up” sexual abuse in his diocese. As coincidences go, this is right up there with the former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, dying suddenly weeks after writing in the Guardian that “Al Qaeda” was just another name for the CIA’s Arab assets (2).

Predictably, right-wing traditional Catholics saw nothing fishy about the timing of the accusations against Cardinal George. Traditional Catholics, you see, are avid tinfoil hat coincidence theorists, and never see anything fishy about media targetting of Catholics. Like these media, they long ago abandoned the very traditionally Catholic principle of innocent until proved guilty, and are more than happy to play the role of Judas goats leading committed Catholics to the New World Order slaughter.

But hang on, I hear you say, surely the traditional Catholics are right to blast the Church over its cover-ups of heinous crimes? Well, yes, when the crimes have been proven in a court of law – not, as in the case of the recent Pennsylvania hysteria – when most of the cases have never been tried at all.


Ross said...

Robin Cook did more than write in the Guardian about Al-Qaeda, he said it in the House of Commons ensuring that it was entered into the public record. He was the only cabinet minister to resign over the launching of the Iraq invasion, the rest of the cabinet are, by definition, war criminals..

Red Orchid said...

There must be something awfully good about the Catholic Church for the Jews to be so uptight about it. Jews hold the Catholic Church responsible for antisemitism when really back in the day, before Vatican II, it was known for being Jew wise. The poor old Catholic Church has had so many traitors in its ranks

was Robin Cook, the British politician a catholic? This popped up

"Robin Cook restored my faith in politicians single handedly. His resignation from the cabinet over Iraq was fantastic and made more so because of his incisive action in Kosovo and the fact that he seemed to have a proud idea of Britain as a force for good in the world at the heart of his four years as foreign secretary. He was renowned as a formidable debater in the house and I also liked the fact that he was prickly and acerbic to journalists- if he didn’t want to talk, he wouldn’t talk.

I really feel like one of the few good guys has been lost to us.

My favourite quote would probably the one mentioned on the front page of the Independent newspaper this morning: -

“We would have made more progress against terrorism if we had brought peace to Palestine rather than war to Iraq

zapoper said...

@ Red Orchid, your google picture is hate speech. I'm reporting you. LOL