January 20, 2019

Alfred Schaefer back in court

19. Januar 2019 Translated to English from wir-sind-monika.com

In Munich one does not rest for a long time, because it is and remains - a question of power.
On Monday, January 28, 2019 at 10:00 clock, in the Nymphenburger Stra├če 16, room A 220 it goes on - better said - go again.
A new indictment has been filed against Alfred who wants to help clarify whether Alfred's little dog Pavlov can actually jump that high. Although the process is at the district court, it takes place in the same building as the last one. After all, in this building you have the opportunity to examine visitors to the bone. There is still the rumor in "those" that the evil "right wing" are violent and always heavily armed. Or is this image maintained in the public in order to justify police dictatorship?
So it's a new process conducted at the district court. Depending on the verdict and the way forward, there could then still appeal to the district court and revision.
Those who have time on 28.1.2019 and can take a trip to Munich, should not miss this event. No matter what comes out in these "processes". You can be sure that they will be talked about for a very long time in the future. It can even be assumed that law students will learn in more decent times from the files of such processes how moral justice works - to be able to handle it differently. For one thing, Alfred - and many others - have neither harmed their people, betrayed their country, raped or murdered a man, or mistreated children. People like Alfred want to help the truth come out and are locked up in the FRG .
The lie does not stand by itself, it must be supported by "law", violence and arbitrariness!
In the FRG, a GDR judge was convicted for the following reasons:
"There is no longer justice but arbitrary suppression and deliberate elimination of a political opponent." The "nature of punishment no longer corresponds to factual considerations".It clearly aims solely to "intimidate politically dissidents and thereby secure the rule of the present rulers". The subject of its judgment was an expression "unwanted and therefore punishable expression of opinion". (From the press release of the BVerfG No. 41/98 of 22 April 1998 to file number: BVerfG 2 BvR 2560/95)
It is hard to believe the double-dealing in the FRG "right". Those involved in unjust judgments against Monika and Alfred Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck, Horst Mahler, Sylvia Stolz and many others should be aware that there is always a "tomorrow". Of course, in the present time it takes courage and energy to swim against the tide. But each party decides for itself whether he wants to be a perpetrator or a decent person.
And something else that should be mentioned here. On January 30, two days after the trial in Munich, Alfred Schaefer celebrates his 64th birthday in the prison. One more reason to write him some nice lines!
Alfred Schaefer, Stadelheimerstr. 12 in 81549 Munich

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