January 20, 2019


I guess i never realized it but David Icke is actually a pretty wise guy... and that's not a wise-crack either, lol.  I didn't care much for Derek Bro's commentary, but this is a very good interview...


Unknown said...

Syrian air defense repelling attack, Israel says it's striking 'Iranian' targets
Published time: 20 Jan, 2019 23:34 Edited time: 21 Jan, 2019 00:03

Syrian air defense systems are repelling an attack in the skies over Damascus, state news agency SANA has reported. The Israeli army says it's attacking "Iranian Quds" forces and warning the Syrian military not to retaliate.

A military source cited by SANA claims none of the Israeli missiles have hit their targets so far. In a brief statement on Twitter, the Israel Defense Forces warn the Syrian army "against attempting to harm Israeli forces or territory."

It's being covered on RT

I'm wondering if the Jewish state has a mental illness?

I can also handle a bit of Icke too!

Max Smart said...

It ain't all jews, hey Kicke? Just the parasites at the top, who feed the parasites below them. As for (((Wanda))), of course it hates the host's commentary, given he refers to Scripture, which for (((Wanda))), the anti-Christ, is worse than having cancer.

John Miller said...

'Maxwell' the Smart guy,is mentioning the "Scripture"....is he talking about the jew book?

Alan said...

Still waiting for Icke to mention the ongoing Jewish genocide of the White race. I won't hold my breath. 100% deceiver in my book. Freemason or Jew.