January 28, 2019

BNK48, Thai girl group, apologises to Israeli ambassador over Nazi swastika shirt

One of Thailand's most popular girl groups has been forced to apologise after one of its singers wore a shirt emblazoned with a Nazi swastika during a televised performance.

Key points:

  • Israel's embassy tweeted "shock and dismay" over the outfit
  • The singer has agreed to participate in an educational workshop
  • Similar incidents have occurred in Thailand, where there is little awareness of the significance of the symbol

The photos of BNK48 singer Pichayapa "Namsai" Natha, 19, went viral after surfacing on social media at the weekend, prompting Israel's embassy in Thailand to post a statement on Twitter expressing, "shock and dismay over the Nazi outfit worn by the singer".
"Presenting Nazi symbols by the band's singer, hurt the feelings of millions around the world, whose relatives were murdered by the Nazis," it said.


John Miller said...

Shocking, extremely shocking...

zapoper said...

I just turned back on the comments you spam boy troll. Next one goes in the spam box.

Og said...

Them Asians are going to have to learn about the 6 million and focus on that until they die

Unknown said...

An Australian was murdered in Argentina a couple of weeks ago along with her Israeli sister. Murdered by nephew living in Argentina who once served with IDF, you know, those scumbags who murder Palestinians for fun.

ABC told only half the story. Typical.

WasDuped said...

Let's start a GoFundMe account for this gal they'll learn a lesson.

Zeebra said...

in Malaysia, Thailand's neighbor to their south, they don't even recognize izzy:

Malaysia stripped of Paralympic event over ban on Israelis



Zeebra said...

Bangkok's 'Hitler chic' trend riles tourists, Israeli envoy

Thailand has a new popular sensation - Hitler