January 27, 2019

Robert Faurisson International Prize awarded to Ursula Haverbeck

On Friday 25th January 2019 in the historic city of Vichy, a lunch attended by sixty guests from around Europe commemorated the 90th birthday of the great scholar and brave champion of historical exactitude, Professor Robert Faurisson. That day would have been his 90th birthday.

Professor Faurisson died on 21st October last year, immediately after returning to Vichy from a conference in his birthplace of Shepperton, West London, hosted by H&D‘s assistant editor Peter Rushton, Lady Michèle Renouf, and Western Spring.

At the Vichy luncheon, Italian tenor and veteran of the Gaza flotilla Joe Fallisi (who organised the event), together with Professor Faurisson’s right-hand man Guillaume Nichols and Lady Renouf, awarded the inaugural Robert Faurisson International Prize to the great German lady Ursula Haverbeck, heroine of the campaign for truth and justice.

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Voltman said...


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