January 27, 2019

How Jews killed the real Jesus

Published by John Kaminski: Sunday, 27 January 2019 18:03

Early church fathers knew the true story!

Egyptologist Gerald Massey unearthed roots of Christianity

There is a spirit within us that wants to see, with our eyes wide open, and will see, and must tear the bandages and blinkers off the eyes to see, each for himself, whether the traditional vision be false or true. Nature gave us eyes to see with; it was men who added the blinkers. — Gerald Massey, The Coming Religion
The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ

Gerald Massey (1828-1907) studied the extensive Egyptian records housed in the British Museum and eventually taught himself to decipher hieroglyphics. After many years of study he wrote a series of scholarly works on the Religion and Mythology of Ancient Egypt. In 1881 he published in two volumes "A Book of the Beginnings," in 1883 "The Natural Genesis" followed, and finally in 1907 he published in two volumes "Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World".


Max Smart said...

(((Kaminski))) hates Christ as much as the jews. Figures.

KnownUnknown said...

As opposed to all Christians that worship a Jew

John Miller said...

An estimated 95% of Jews worldwide, are NOT Semites, they are Ashkenasi Khazars, originally an Asiatic Mongolic Turk tribe that was driven out by other tribes, settling down in South Russia at the Black Sea, the so called 'Khazar Empire', and making a living by raiding passing caravans from India ("Silk Road")
In the 740s AD, these Khazars under their tribal chief Bulan, converted to Judaism, mutilated their 'Dicks' and became "JEWS"....During the next 1000 years they mixed, mainly with eastern Europeans.
The leader of the Bolshevic USSR Mr.Joseph Stalin, this Marxist Communist red rat gave his Khazar 'Jewish' population a home, a piece of land in far Eastern Russia, called 'Birobidjan'!
It still exists, certainly now modernized with the money extorted from Germany and other western nations.
check Wikipedia !!

KnownUnknown said...

He sure did! And the kvetching Jews said "no thanks"

Max Smart said...

Meaning that these kikes are not the people of the Bible, other than being its and Christ's ANTAGONISTS!. 'Jews' are indeed Khazars, BEFORE which they were Edomites!!

Plus, anyone who thinks Christ is a 'Jew' probably watches too much porn and believes they are destined for Valhalla.

steve said...

Uh-oh John, you upset the controlled opposition christian identity movement, all 5 of them. The only way to atone for this sin against Yahweh is to let rabbi eli james personally circumcise you.

Steve said...

@Maxwell The bible identifies different types or meaning of 'Jew' for example Paul mentions that one is a 'Jew inwardly', which is referring to anyone that is in the light inwardly, not a race of people, then there is the 'those that call themselves Jews and are not' that Christ mentions in Revelation. The problem is that the majority of people today still insist on taking the Bible literally and never understanding the mythology and symbolism, I understand what these meanings actually refer too and therefore see their difference and see that Christ is indeed King of the Jews, and as Jesus stated to the Samaritan woman at the well ' we Jews know whom we worship' stating clearly he was a 'Jew' ie one that is a 'jew' inwardly NOT referring to a physical race of people. He may or may not have been a jew racially, he may not even have existed, neither matters when you know the mythology and symbolism.

John Miller said...

hi Steven Lovett, you stated that ".. Jesus stated to the Samaritan woman..." Where do YOU know that from ??
Did Jesus actually keep a diary or write anything down ? or Matthew, Mark, Luke and John ? how come they knew what Jesus said ? They lived after Jesus left this planet and "went to heaven".
Is their original hand written material available and where can we have a look at this
stuff ?
And did God TALK ? Because in the JEW Book we read that God spoke to JEWS, or personally met with Moses up there on top of a mountain... and met with Moses and his brother Aaron a couple of times in a tent out there in the desert during the "exodus" ?
Thanks for infos

Steve said...

As I said it's mythology and symbolism NOT history. Jesus is symbolic NOT a human being as is the Samaritan woman etc etc. Gospels were not written by any men named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The ancients used 4 elements to symbolise aspects of man: earth and water relate to the physical part of man ( body and carnal mind etc ) air and fire relate to the mind and spirit of man which is why John's gospel is so different to the other 3 it's more symbolic. Four gospels were chosen for this purpose they refer to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of man. God spoke to 'jews' yeah the man that is in the light - in the OT the tribe of Judah were known as children of Light and always camped facing East toward the rising Sun, again this is not historical but symbol, it's not history it's aspects of the self which the 12 tribes, disciples, zodiac signs etc represent. Jesus represents the Sun which represents the soul/spirit which is each of us. Paul speaks of the Christ in you, NEVER an historical Christ out of you. Paul was learned in the Greek mysteries and Platonic philosophy etc which his writings are full of.

John Miller said...

hi Steven Lovett..
Thanks for answers...
ok, and WHO wrote the AT ? pious Christians call it the "Holy Scriptures" and "The Word of God"
I needed to ask you again, since you didn't answer my questions about the AT, where God is talking to Jews and met a couple of Jews 'personally'...
You mentioned Paul's writings and that "..he was learned in the Greek mysteries and Platonic philosophy.....which his writings are full of.."
wow, I 'm interested in Paul's original handwritten writings, WHERE can I find it ?Because outside of the NT, not one of the Roman writers, historians, that I know of, mentioned a 'Paul', the guy in the "New Testament" !!
Thank you Steven for infos

Steve said...

As far as Paul, originally named Saul is concerned, I don't know where 'original' writings are only the texts that are now in the NT, further research would be needed to ascertain who exactly Paul was and if i'm honest to me at the moment its not important, what is important is understanding what it really means, the same with Jesus, people have argued for centuries about whether he lived or not etc when the important thing is what it really means.

As for the OT I don't know who wrote the various books that make up the OT but I do know that like the NT it is NOT writing about history and is largely a rewrite of older scriptures of Egypt etc. As with all ancient scriptures they are allegory, myth, symbol NOT history BUT the method that the sages employed was the same regardless of era, culture, race etc they included some actual history and persons within the myth and the drama but not to write about history but the drama of the soul.

I highly suspect that much of the 'original' texts were destroyed by the early church as they destroyed the various libraries and possibly the vaults of the Vatican contain mainly ancient texts.

It is more important to understand what these texts actually mean than it is as to who wrote them to be honest. The story btw of the conversion of Saul to Paul is again an allegory which is something that has to happen within each of us. Likewise, the world has just recently 'celebrated' another Christmas BUT Christmas isn't something that happened in one man 2 thousand years ago but something that has to happen within each of us. The word 'mas' in Christmas is from an Egyptian word meaning ' to give birth ' ' to be born '. As Paul says 'Christ in you your hope and glory'.

Whoever Moses was and I don't know, he was wise and learned in all the wisdom of Egypt and we know that cos the NT tells us that, another clue there that the scriptures are largely from Egypt. But again Moses is something within us, its allegory again and not literal. The whole of the scriptures is telling the drama of the souls incarnation ( figuratively its death, its baptism in water as the body is mainly water ) its fall into the fleshly desires and carnality ( or fiction of this world system )and its eventual return to spirit, or rebirth, its baptism by 'fire' a symbol of spirit, its eventual enlightenment or waking up or Christ mind whatever you wanna call it - the 'parable of the Prodigal son'. All the persons and events in scriptures are referring to inner events of each of us, actors in the drama of the Soul.

Mose or Muse means to 'think, to ponder' a-muse means not to think/ponder. ( may be why there is so much a-musement around today and why so many today cannot think ).

John Miller said...

Thanks Steven for answering
here God is talking
in the JEW Book, which pious Christians call 'The Holy Scripture' or "The Word of God"...
The 'Lord' says : Psalm 137:9..
"Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones (non jewish children) against the stones."
King James Version
Isaiah 49:23.. where 'The Lord' tells his JEWS, his chosen Ones : "... Kings, Presidents, Heads of state, Politicians, will bow down before thee with their face toward the earth, and lick up the dust of thy feet ; "

Btw....you said:" Mose or Muse means to think..( ...so many today cannot think..)

Here is a famous thinker of the "old school"...and what he thought of "the tribe of Judah that were known in the OT as children of Light." ( the enlightened ones ???)
" Whether these circumcised of Israel declare themselves to be the tribe of Naphtali or of Issachar is plainly of little importance; they are nevertheless the biggest scoundrels who have ever soiled the face of the globe."
Francois Voltaire, letter to Chevalier de Lisle, December 15,1773
Hi Steven, have a great day / evening.

Steve said...

And on one level he is absolutely correct, I wouldn't disagree with him. But you have to think back to what I said about different meanings to who is a 'jew' and 'judah'. I can see and fully agree with his view and it makes no difference to my understanding of the spiritual/allegorical meanings and that's the beauty of 'seeing' this truth. Man will argue and continue to kill each other over something they know not the meaning, and have not the slightest clue of what that 'book' is really talking about but in my opinion few will take the time to find out as they are already blinded by literalism. I actually came to the conclusion that people love to have it ( the bible and religion ) to fight and argue about and they'd be lost if they could no longer argue about it.

ITS SYMBOLISM and MYTHOLOGY !!!! Psalm 137:9..
"Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones (non jewish children) against the stones." To take this literally is utterly stupid !!! You have to understand the symbolism of the Bible - on one level Man is Mind and Thoughts, Woman is the physical and Emotions - when mind and emotions intercourse they have 'children' ie a result of that interaction between mind and emotions, the outcome of mind and emotion can be either good or 'evil' !!!! You have a higher and lower mind and you have a higher and lower emotion. So happy be he that in his higher mind taketh and dasheth the children ie the thoughts and emotions that the lower mind and emotions has given birth to. Non jewish children is those thoughts and emotions derived by the unenlightened mind !!!! Those thoughts and emotions that are error, that harm us etc etc . NOTHING to do with real people killing children of another race etc - its crazy.

Have a good evening and take care.

John Miller said...

JEWS ???
I agree with George Bernard Shaw....
" Those Jews who still want to be the chosen race (chosen by the late Lord Balfour) can go to Palestine and stew in their own juice. The rest had better stop being Jews and start being human beings,"
George Bernard Shaw, Literary Digest, October 12, 1932

John Miller said...
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John Miller said...

To me Religion is an insult to human dignity...without it you have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.
But for good people doing evil things takes Religion.
In other words : People in western civilizations don't need this Abrahamic desert "Religion", invented by a bunch of goat herders.
We NEED to tell those Jews and their Lackeys -'Christian' salvation peddlers -, to shove that Jew book up their ....( I recommend Thomas Paine's "Age of Reason" ) !!
Those military leaders and their bomber pilots dropping A-Bombs, Napalm, white Phosphorus on innocent Christian and non-Christian civilians, murdering millions, woman and children, worldwide, are claiming to be "Christians".....
And this &%$#@#, international clique of JEWS, who are pulling the strings behind the curtains, controlling 'our' governments and the MIC, the military Industrial Complex,are instigating, financing, and profiteering from wars, are "laughing their asses off"...

Al-lat said...

And so? What business is ig of yours?

That between him and Spirit!

Al-lat said...

As a matter of fact, on the Chinese History Forum, they talk about Ancient Ch. records, telling of a troublesome Tribe- with round eyes- pale eyes - around- A. D. 200- that the Ch. kept pushing West.

This Tribe started making their mark in Europe, little by little, being recorded around 200 A D.