January 27, 2019

The Realist Report with John Friend 2019.01.27

Pastor Eli James

This is the first live edition of The Realist Report broadcast on EuroFolkRadio! The Realist Report will begin recording a live program every Sunday afternoon beginning at 3 pm Pacific, 6 pm Eastern. On this first live edition, we are joined by Pastor Eli James, a long-time friend and frequent guest on The Realist Report. Pastor James and I discuss my work over the years, the aims and goal of The Realist Report, and the future of EuroFolkRadio. We also cover a number of recent news items and dissect #HolocaustRememberanceDay, which officially takes place today around the world.

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John Miller said...

The Holocaust remembering day...
The greatest crime in human history.
The evil Germans dared to murder 6 million JEWS, "God's chosen people".
They had steam kettles, spanking machines, gas chambers, electric floors, bone crusher machines, portable gas chambers and crematoria ovens, soap factories, lamp shade factories, and other things with which they were occupied so to speak full time, in order to torture and kill those 6 MILLION JEWS.
oy veyy...
The JEWS promised that something like that is NEVER EVER going to happen again.

John Miller said...

apropos 'Holocaust'.....
Not one member of the Jewish "Elite", Celebrity, Banker, Scientist, Journalist, News Paper Editor.... spend time in a Concentration Camp, was "gassed"!!
Very interesting.
These creatures left Germany, went to Great-Britain, USA, and declared war on the German People.
Check internet:
Daily Express
Friday, March 24, 1933 (!!)
Jews Of All The World Unite In Action