February 08, 2019

NYT Helping to Heal


Zeebra said...

so you contact that NYTimes joo, tell him u fit the age & Christian schooling profile he seeks... then you pull an Arthur Topham: find the most wayciss/separatist/supremacist "teachings" from the talmud, & simply switch labels around where the offensive shit is what you were taught as how to be a good "Christian." Excited NYTimes joo runs with it, publishes his hit piece, it makes the clickbaitey splash he dreamed of, public "eeeevil Christian schools" discussion ensues. Then you come out as a "fraud"... tell how all that offensive shit is literally taught in the talmud. :)


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

is he promoting tikka massala or tickled bollox or tikkum imam? anyway he's part of a load of murderousoldphanny.

Alan said...

Get lost Global Dan!