February 08, 2019

Will Anti-BDS Laws Spark an Anti-Israel Backlash?


Zeebra said...

Great show. Jump to 19:30 for top of the anti-BDS discussion.

browse TRU News' channel:
many interesting sounding titles there.

jerry said...

Loved where Rick challenged Schumer to DNA test to see if Schumer is a semite or a Caucasian. Netanyahu sure looks Caucasian to me!

Zeebra said...

@jerry: first time I was waking up to the JQ/JP was mid '00s with the 911T movement, where the joo shills were waving their "anti-Shlomo-ism!!" torch at anyone getting closer to the izzy/jooz-did-911 truth. Wanted to know, WTF is a "Semite" anyways. Ended up at joogle's top result, ziopedia. They tried to frame is as, people who've historically spoken a "semitic language", in which they included hebrew along with arabic & several others. So, a semite isn't a blood/DNA lineage thing, but rather a stems from a group of spoken languages... riiiight!!


Red Orchid said...

A good question to ask those you've tried to wake up and failed is...

"Have you seen any Semites today"?

I haven't tried it yet as the thought only came to me a few minutes ago, but I can tell you I have someone in mind. I wonder what his answer will be.

I reckon you're likely to see a lot more in Gaza than you are in NYC.

Alan said...

Jews have been manufacturing outrage against "Zionism" and "Israel" for a long time now. All part of their global plan. Jews completely run BDS.