February 03, 2019

The Alan Buttle Radio Show 2019.02.02

Is fake disclosure of extraterrestrial intelligence the Jewish way of destroying (uniting) all religions?



katana said...

Have to say I found this informative Alan.

The whole alien thing is a long drawn out psy-op, IMO.

Max Igan, I've always thought was a bit flaky in some ways what with his new age stuff and woo woo inclinations. On the recent Inside the Eye Live he did mention jews, though, but perhaps he thought he had to.

Alan said...

The Jews really want to replace God with themselves. They want to essentially kill God, or at least - because that's not possible - they want to kill any genuine concept of God, the Creator of humanity and the universe, in the minds of the people.

Well if the Jews manage to stage some kind of supernatural event, and have some supposedly extraterrestrial / extradimensional being(s) communicate certain messages to the people of Earth, they can create massive changes in the psychology of humanity and destroy all religions in one go. If this event can be well-enough manufactured so that the vast majority of people on Earth believe it to be genuine, then they will have everyone (atheists, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.) all believing that humanity, and all life on earth, has actually been created artificially by an extraterrestrial / extradimensional species.

Then, once they have people believing this, they can write the messages being communicated by the "extraterrestrials"/"extradimensionals". The brainwashed masses will react to those words as the most religion person today would react to hearing the words of God. Of course these "extraterrestrials"/"extradimensionals" will also communicate the special role they chose for the Jews! It will serve to enslave the entirety of humanity and own their minds like they have never done before.

When i think of all the progress the Jews have made with regard to their long-planned global singular society, the unification of religions is one aspect which it seems, on the face of it, they have made very little progress towards at all. They must have some kind of plan and i think this is where all this supernatural disinformation might come into play.

Alan said...

p.s. I appreciate your comment katana. Agree with all that you say there.