February 03, 2019

This Week on the Alt Right - with Cultured Thug


Cloud said...

First published at 02:27 UTC on December 19th, 2018.

Og said...


put that in context for us

Cloud said...

The video highlights the jews and what the western msm has promoted them as. Pay special attention @19:40 Netanyahu on 911 as he had already written in his book in 1995 SIX YEARS before it happened). These doc's should be used at the ICC as proof. Even though the title seems to highlight a Chosen People (what the Jews call themselves)...this video points out their arrogance and exposes many facts of political masterminds behind wars and designated Presidents (Trump in this video). When gleaning through the lens of what they are guilty of, the msm/hollywood propaganda depicts the opposite while they blatantly boast their guilt. It's worth the watch only to realize the truth/insanity they believe in esp. building the Third Temple. A lot of research was done to make this collage. From Know More News with Adam Green.

zapoper said...

I posted it back in December and you can download it too https://grizzom.blogspot.com/2018/12/gods-chosen-people-know-more-news.html