March 26, 2019

Christchurch fakery #Busted


833P said...

The feet are bare @ 10:37 when he goes in for the second time after swapping his weapon at his car.
I wonder why he doesn't go in to the women's prayer hall, next to the men's which he goes in and out of shooting up the already dead

The_Mad_Subtitler said...

This actually kind of makes sense. They know more and more people are on to them. Maybe they shot up the joint and released the video with fakery purposely buried within it OR maybe the fakery flaws is not what this is about at all and in fact is immaterial or just less consequential. Maybe there is yet another reason wrapped up in the mix. Writing this gives me a new idea. How about this for a concept?

Initially some guys would have showed up with or without weapons, walked around the joint with cameras to film the layout for the 3D simulation. They would have told locals it was a drill or training or some other ruse. A week later after getting the video cooked up and ready, more murdering bastards come back and shoot the shit out of everyone while they simultaneously uploaded the fake video. That way they would have had full control over the video feed which would show only one homicidal maniac. When it came time to wipe out the target they could send a whole kill team in without any worry of showing anything live they did want to give away, like the identity, clothing, size and number of shooters. It's about having TOTAL CONTROL OF THE VIDEO FEED. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE LIVE. It's the same reason they faked the moon landings... to control the video stream. In the case of the moon landings they did not want any astronutters to die live on tv. In the case of the mosque, Muslims sometimes have their own guns. lol Think about it. How else could they control whether or not a single lone shooter doesn't get hosed down by a pissed off Jihadi? That would have screwed up the video fee now wouldn't it? Headline: Muslims defend themselves at mosque. 15 dead. Shooter determined to have Israeli Mossad connections.

Remember if anyone shows up with a camera and they say it is going to be used for drill training leave immediately and don't come back.

The_Mad_Subtitler said...

This is why the whole video looks like a video game. That is because it is.

They may have murdered those people. They might not have. We do not know yet for sure. But if they killed anyone it would have been after the fake video was created.

Hell even the people making the fake video would not even had to know they were planning a mop-up operation.

It's perfect if you think about. If I were an evil bastard working for the new world order this is the way I would have done it. If the conspiracy theorist think it was all fake, let them look like fools, it would make no difference.

The_Mad_Subtitler said...

It's potentially even better than that. The guys that were doing drill in the area that just showed could have been the one that killed everyone. After everyone is dead, they just call in the ambulances and calmly clean up the mess. They have time to make sure everyone is dead. They have time to wipe any camera recording equipment. Wipe phones. Whatever is necessary. The seamlessly go from being the bad guys to good guys without having to do anything. How freaky is that? It's sick evil genius but might be the deal.

This is all supposition. I don't have any idea what really went down.