March 26, 2019

Owen Benjamin Finally Turns on Alex Jones

An edit of the AJ bashing that Owen streamed earlier today 


The_Mad_Subtitler said...

He is a talented character no doubt about it. Anyone that can make music up and lyrics on the fly and then rip it out on a keyboard is a force to be recognized. People will follow anyone with that much talent. MJ being an example.

I followed him for a few weeks. Even during that period he started spinning.Owen Benjamin is all over the place. First he is against saying anything against the joos... then his fans beat him up and then... he makes a statement. Then he has a change of heart and backtracks on that. So he is for AJ, even hosting one of AJ's show s I think, and now he is taking shots at him. Eh... I think he is all over the place because his base is all over the place and he is just another chameleon.

KnownUnknown said...

AJs base was all against him becoming a Republican WHORE after years of claiming "false left right paradigm"

Jones is the piece of shit! And I was Prison Planet member 08 to 11