April 19, 2019

Holocaust photos ‘too horrific’ to go on show at specialist museum

April 19, 2019

The National Holocaust Museum. PHoto: Luuk Kramer

Four unique photographs showing Jews being sent into the gas chamber and the burning of bodies at Auschwitz concentration camp were not shown in an exhibition at the National Holocaust Museum in Amsterdam for being too shocking, the Volkskrant said on Friday.

The photos, which were taken at great risk to his own life by Greek prisoner Alberto Errera and smuggled out in a toothpaste tube, are the only known photographs in which the acts of the mass extinction of Jews can be actually seen.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

would that be a diamond, porcelain shattering, toothpaste tube? a cine qua non for those going up the flue immediately. wouldn't want to have receding gums now in the walter mitty windmill ovens of my colon. BWAHAHHAAAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Nona said...

It's amazing that after 70 years, thes photos come out.
The juice couldn't make any one believe the hollowcost, people are waking up to the scam, the evidecence for nothig happening is so vast, that THEY had to make up this crap!


What an absolute joke. The funny thing is that most people will take this at face value. Graphic images of war, famines, genocides and more are shown all the time. It serves as proof. Those who truly care about justice and truth of atrocities would want total disclosure and exposure, no matter how graphic. In fact, the more graphic, the louder it speaks.