Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Alan Buttle Radio Show 2019.05.18

18 May 2019 Austrian School, crypto-currencies



zapoper said...

@ Alan. Last week on may 18th you Posted this "My 11 May 2019 slot on Eurofolk Radio which includes my podcast number 11" on the same day you posted your 4th of May podcast which had no number: "This is the segment of my 4th May 2019 EFR show"

This week, you call this one podcast 10 and it is posted on May 25th.

Before all that mess, you used to call them hours like: "hour 19, hour 20 etc".

Is there some logic to all this or should I graduate from scratching my head to pulling the hair out?

Be careful what you answer. I "may" just blow my brains out.

Alan said...

Hi Zap, it's because i've got the hour-and-a-half slot on EFR, which means that if i want to broadcast one of my previous podcasts i have an extra half an hour to fill. It is a bit of a mess and i'm going to have a think about a better way to organise it all. The latest one - May 25 Anti-gender agenda is a completely new 90 minute episode.