June 22, 2019

Controversial teacher Etienne Chouard dismissed from Sud Radio after expressing his doubts about the existence of gas chambers

The teacher Etienne Chouard , controversial defender of the referendum of citizen initiative (RIC), will no longer present his weekly show on Sud Radio, said the station's CEO, Didier Maïsto, Thursday, June 20. This decision follows the teacher's "confusion" about the existence of gas chambers. 

Didier Maïsto, who had recruited Etienne Chouard in March because he "questioned the real" , dismissed him because he practices "confusionism", he told AFP, confirming information on the site Stop on images.

During an interview in early June on the site The Media, Etienne Chouard had stressed that he could not speak about the existence or not of the gas chambers, having "never read anything" on the subject. The teacher then acknowledged on his blog that he had been "clumsy"  and stressed that he should "refuse to speak on these topics, which serve especially for the powerful of the moment to muzzle their political opponents . "

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Og said...

oy vey, never be confused

French mainstream will go ape as this guy is a big Alain Soral fan

Only in France and their stupid laws regarding the hhoax