June 22, 2019

Old Major & Rainbow Flag - lgbt month now lgbt year in Dublin


Henry said...

It's the worldwide Jew-Fag Alliance. The Jews are simply using the queers to plant their Noahide (rainbow) flags everywhere.

Voltman said...

Traitors Sodomize Aunti Sodomite

Gay Pride Flag
Gray Bride Fag
Globo Homo faggots
Multiply like rabbits

Flabergasted GPO
Desecrated monument
LGBTQ can go
Pluck themselves in wet cement

Quivers down my backbone
I got the shakes in my thigh bone
I got the shivers in my knee bone
Shakin’ all over

Well, you make me shake and I like it, baby

The Guess Who “Shakin’ All Over”

Did Merkel’s “Shaking Display” Prove She Had

Engaged in Cannibalism?