July 30, 2019

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2019.07.29

Jeff Rense is an American anti-New World Order activist. He hosts a website at Rense.com and is the radio talk-show host of the Jeff Rense Program. His show broadcasts on internet radio. The website and show often discuss topics such as 9/11, World War II revisionism, Zionism, contemporary geopolitical developments, alternative medicines and some more eccentric aspects such as Ufology.

Download Hour 1 - John Carman - Trump's New '450 Mile' Border Wall Hustle While '35,000' Unvetted, Diseased Black Africans From DR Congo Are Heading Up Through MexicoToward The Border Trump Will Let Them Right On In.

Download Hour 2 - Roland Thomas NMD - Americans Are Dying From Lack Of Nutrition How To Fight The 8 Year Build Up Of Fukushima Radiation All Over North America

Hour 3 - Encore

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Rense's site

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