July 29, 2019

Weather Alert for Imbeciles


Special Weather Statement

Issued at 11:29 Monday 29 July 2019

The heat will persist through Tuesday evening. The combined values of temperature and humidity will give humidex values of 35 to 38.

Limit physical activities;

Drink lots of water, even before feeling thirsty, and keep cool.

Check up on elderly family members, friends and neighbours. Make sure that they keep cool and drink water.

Look for cool places, such as shadows from trees, pool, shower or bath, and air conditioned places like public buildings.



Ross said...

Further advice: Hitting your thumb with a hammer may hurt and could cause damage. Try to avoid where possible.

Red Orchid said...

I wonder where those two wanted teenagers are? The dead Australian's father is NSW Police Chief Inspector Stephen Fowler.

If they're not already cooked and they are captured alive I wonder if Dershowitz will be their defense lawyer?