July 24, 2019

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Opening Statement


Red Orchid said...

He has just been on TV here in Australia, caught 3 minutes of it before ABC put up something else that was more amenable to their programme of disinformation.

Mueller was getting a grilling and he looks like he's aged a lot. His lies, and there are so many are catching up with him.

I was expecting to post this comment "off topic" but was pleased there was a post dedicated to big lying Mueller.

Ray McGovern posted something yesterday that pretty much summed it all up.

Voltman said...
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Voltman said...

Robert Shit Mueller The Turd

The "Honorable" Robert Shit Mueller is an endless, nauseating stream of putrid verbal diarrhea.

If I were to make a special effort to be charitable, I might say that this pathetic waste of protoplasm reminds me of a slimy garden variety snail, ripping open a larvae-infested sack of rotten garbage out in the noon day sun on main street.

Shitstream Media provide a tribune for these travesties of everything in this world that is decent, noble and true.

Special Asshole Robert Shit Mueller is among these SES cocksuckers: Special Executive Services. He should be prosecuted and executed for all the crimes this special liar has committed, including the 9-11 cover-up.

But that won't happen because Moronicans are nice, fair and civilized...

I would defer to Umbra Bellator for a proper punishment for this grotesque liar who is surrounded by little sycophantic cowards pretending that the "Honorable" Robert Shit Mueller is an authority on anything other than bullshit.

Voltman said...

Jimmy Dore & company demolish the giant pile of manure known as Robert Shit Mueller The Turd.

The Jimmy Dore Show Live