August 28, 2019

Adam Green 🌐 @Know_More_News Called into Infowars today and gave Alex Jones a piece of my mind!


Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Jones cleaned his butt with Adam. Within the first 10 seconds, Jones paints Adam as mentally ill. Jones jumped around Adam like a mongoose taunting a garden snake. Hilarious. It's disgusting that this is th face of the "truth movement". Why doesn't every truther spread the new information about the hero firemen from 911's new resolution? and the Lawyers committee for 911 truth are "Killing it" - as Adam Greene and Alex Jonestein play footsie. Yeeeeeesh! Do you want to expose the evil parasites? If yes, then bite into facts vs. opinions.

scottydog said...

He's morphing into the merry merchant.