August 26, 2019

Anti-immigration billboard featuring Maxime Bernier will be taken down, company says

The owner of billboards currently showcasing ads that seek to promote the People’s Party of Canada’s controversial stance on immigration reversed course on Sunday, saying the company would take the material down in response to “overwhelming” criticism.

The ads, featuring a photo of party leader Maxime Bernier, the slogan “Say NO to mass immigration” and a call to vote for his party, started popping up across the country late last week. They were criticized nearly immediately as promoting anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Petitions have since sprung up calling on billboard owners Pattison Outdoor Advertising to take the ads down, arguing that they violate the company’s own code of conduct.


Scorpio said...

The sign should have said 'We love gays. Say No to mass immigration'
It might have confused everybody enough to have avoided controversy.

zapoper said...


Sarah Perry said...

Sign makers have to be more clever. "Say YES to Maxime Bernier"