August 15, 2019

Everything Wrong With The Epstein Story!


Amanda said...

Did he ever mention the whole Epstein operation was run by MOSSAD?? I scanned the comments and it doesn't look like he did.

Here's some interesting info: (reminds me of Sandy Hook with the free homes and lottery winners) (points out that there are no photos of the current arrest, they just show the old one from FL, and no photos of him in the courtroom, only drawings that don't really look like him)

Voltman said...

"Epstein reportedly handed them $300 for a typical session with himself for training purposes, and a reported $10,000 to a slightly underage Virginia Roberts for sex with Prince Andrew. What a bargain! What paparazzo would not leap the chance for that video for a measly $10,000? The girls were not victims. They were prostitutes, often, no doubt, the pride of their parents who saw them consorting with the rich and famous.

Wexner was undoubtedly not a bona fide victim of this college drop-out nobody who was a master of blackmail of the influential. He was a con artist a lot like Trump and a million other con-artists. His alleged wealth was probably smoke and mirrors, a stage prop, as will be apparent to the gold-digger prostitutes claiming victimhood.

Just look at their faces in the photos, beaming with pleasure at their glamorous roles in life while their honest contemporaries are slaving away at Starbucks. Ghislaine Maxwell had the connections to set Epstein up with the marks like the idiot Prince Andrew and the insatiably greedy and degenerate Clintons. Like her father, Mossad Master Spy Robert Maxwell, she did a superb job of entrapment. Poor Jeffrey was just the training guy who showed the girls how to perform the tasks Ghislaine taught them. "


Jeffrey Epstein & Cognitive Dissonance
August 14, 2019

Henry said...

In this case the press/media have suddenly lost their magical powers of discovery...where the fuck is Maxwell?

Red Orchid said...

There is a very seedy photograph of a young girl, I say aged about 12 in between Epstein and Trump up on Makow's blog yesterday.

Perhaps it does make me wonder if it was taken the her parent's consent?

A question for the literates

Is it parents, parent's or parents'

zapoper said...

Parents' consent it should be. However, Makow the Canadian Jew who always says: " My name is pronounced "Mako" (because I'm a Jew and not a goy) is really an annoying bitch and should not be trusted under any circumstances.

The guy is a cow. LOL.

Red Orchid said...

PS: the website Voltman has linked is where the photo can be seen. I read it yesterday and remember the title.

Perhaps it does make me wonder if it was taken with her parent's consent?

Red Orchid said...

I know what you mean. He believes those good German people gassed six million.

But I do enjoy reading his material on the fight between God and his version of evil, the Illuminati.

zapoper said...

Whatever floats your boat my friend.

Red Orchid said...

Thanks Zap

Perhaps it does make me wonder if it was taken with her parents' consent?

I hope they didn't provide Epstein and Trump with anymore liberties?

Voltman said...

"New information reveals an autopsy report that suggests it's more likely that Epstein was strangled rather than dying from hanging. A former bodyguard seems to be changing his tune on things he said about Epstein years ago. Disturbing paintings give a glimpse into the the mind and style of what Dan Dicks has dubbed the #PedoElie.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the latest breaking news regarding the Jeffrey Epstein suicide conspiracy and how all signs and evidence appear to be pointing in the direction of murder rather than suicide."

Apparently, the judge presiding over the Epstein proceedings was appointed by Bull Clinton...

I think they will just turn the whole thing into one of their standard circuses to generate "hope for change".

They are simply...
Too full of shit to fail.

Epstein Suicided(d): The Autopsy, The Body Guard, The Paintings & The Judge - What You NEED TO KNOW!
Press For Truth
Published on Aug 15, 2019

MGM said...

Red Orchid ,

I feel the same way toward Mako Makow. He will never drop the blinders about the " muh 6 million" , but his other work is mostly legit.

zapoper said...

My point is that I do not trust any Jew. Knowing what we know, it is beyond stupidity to do so. Some of them do give us some good info but they will never go all the way.