August 15, 2019

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.08.12

Brizer's guest: Lark in Texas

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Albert said...

"Equality" versus Merit

Similarities Versus Differences

We have ALL Heard of: "Divide & Rule"

It SEEMED that the ULTIMATE Deployment of This was ARTIFICIALLY/"Artfully": Setting Women AGAINST Men !!!
(Yet NOW it has "Advanced" to Folks "Changing" their "Gender" !!! ;-)

It Really DOES Seem that: "National-Socialism" is the ULTIMATE (TRUE) UNITY of Men/MASCULINE + Women/Feminine ...
(And THUS ALL "individuals" are UPLIFTED !!!)

"Equal" is Truly a Bizarre MANIPULATIVE "clever" Term INJECTED by (((Repetition)))

Yet we CAN Strip-Away its (((Magic))) ... BACK to the Easily-Tangible: By Talking of Cars ...
TRY Saying / BeLIEving: "ALL cars are 'Equal'!" -- Then for Extra Effect Supplement THIS with: "ALL cars, AND Trucks, AND Buses are 'EQUAL'!" ;-)
-- Obviously, because of Factory-Mass-Production, a Factory Stock CAN Be: ONE Identical-Model of: DIFFERENT-Colored Cars etc.

Now go back to MEN + WOMEN. The Terms are Different, and indeed one CAN Distinguish a Very MARKED DIFFERENCE!
"(We TAKE-it to be 'self-Evident' that) ALL Men + Women are ("Created") 'Equal'!" ;-)

Goodness, Beauty, + TRUTH are the Path to "God" / Heaven ...
Bizarrely, Perhaps (((DUE))) to "too much" (((TV))) ... effectively MANY Folks NOW "Prefer" LIES to TRUTH !!! :-(
-- Yet, the NINE Noble Virtues, are STILL SEEN by Our Hearts to Be TRULY Admirable, Good + Moral !!!
(As CONTRASTED to "Modern"-"Morality" with is NOW almost Completely-INVERTED!)
1) Courage
2) Truth
3) Honour
4) Fidelity
5) Discipline
6) Hospitality
7) Industriousness
8) Self Reliance
9) Perseverance

WHEN someone (rather than saying "somewhat similar" or even "similar endgame/manipulators") BLANKETLY Says:
"Communism is the SAME as Capitalism, OR Socialism, OR National-Socialism..." etc

Not-Only ARE there: SOME Distinct DIFFERENCES, which CAN be SEEN by even the "Dumbest" ...
-- But, in the Guise of someone Being "Smarter" more-"Bigger-Picture"-"Knowing"...
-- a VERY (((Seductive))) and BLINDING "Ego" (((LURE))) ...
Such "clever" CONFUSING word-jugglery ... is ONLY Making the Listener to such: DUMBER !!! ;-)

Similarities + DIFFERENCES ...
That there ARE "Hierarchical-LEVELS" to Reality, nonetheless Does-NOT NEGATE the TRUTH: that there ARE INDEED:
Similarities + DIFFERENCES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Fantastic observations and post Albert. So very true sir.

Thank you.

zapoper said...

From the chat.

Lark in Texas/Numerican wrote:

The old Anti Communitarian League website is a treasure trove of research notes and writings.

The Anti Communitarian Manifesto (2003)


2020: Our Common Destiny + The Definitive Anti Communitarian Manifesto (revised 2012 editions)

Get Mind Smart (Julie Beal, in Wales)