August 24, 2019

Why Are Jews Leading The Alt-Right & ‘White Nationalist’ Movements?

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
— Vladimir Lenin, Jewish Communist revolutionary in Russia

Anybody who has been paying attention over the past five years can see the hidden hand at work in the so-called Alt-Right and “White Nationalist” movements.

While media drones on about “white supremacists” and “antisemitism”, the truth is that Jews are actually the ones leading these movements, and there is a clear agenda at work.

This is nothing new.

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Sarah Perry said...

Oh no, Ramzpaul. Sounds so white. The ethno-nationalist, JF of the Public Space has a lot of nationalist jews on his shows. Lionel of Lionelnation is a jew. I think Gerald Celente, also. Owen Benjamin is a jew.

This seems overwhelming, but keep identifying so that {{{they}}} can be known.


zapoper said...

Brother Nathanael is in this only to infiltrate the dumbest of us. I'm sure that to the average joe, he is dismissed as a clown (on purpose).

Kyle Hunt a Jew?

How the fuck did they forget Jason Kessler?

1melahat said...

Mike Rivero, Jon Minadeo(The Handsome Truth)

zapoper said...


Albert said...

GREAT LINK !!! :-)
I Read THAT Page, Who did 9/11, and Who are the Jews!
-- They Present Their Points CLEARLY,
I have Bookmarked, and will Go-Back for Further Reading! :-) :-) :-)

Erik Paul said...

Sarah Perry you don't know what you're talking about. Lionel, Mike Lebron, is not a Jew. He is a Catholic Latino from West Tampa.

Tim said...

sorry to say but the people thta made this pic have NOknowledge of the alt right and wn movemen and are looking from it from the the left /their own cult perspective.

they're lumping in everyone in the 'eric hufschmid method..........

they lumped in cernovich and alex jones into the wn/alt right WTF? THIS IS COMPLETE DISINFO BULLSHIT
its that i am not interested in these guys but i hope for them saty that way otehrwise i will investigate them................ (it won;t be pretty)

anyone lumping in alex jones and cernovich into the alt right shows their either a complete moron or a disinfo shill themselves trying to make themselves look good by saying all those people are bad............. gee isn;t that what hufschmid did and renegade?

this is just part of the critique............

Og said...

Don't agree with ya Tim, back in 2015/16 cernovich and jonestein played with the alt-right
cernovich was outed earlier enough ((( )))

Feelstupidyet said...

I really doubt that either Wang Lin or K. Hunt are jews. Weev might be. Depends on who you believe.

Tim said...

@ ogster

alex jones and cernovich were the people selected to run the right, but soon after the election there was a huge split in thr right and they went to become the alt light that wroks with jews,

the alt right , that also marched at char;lottesville, points out the jews, and have long since been disavowed by cernovitch and aj

the people that made the pic have either no knowledge of the alt right or are deliberately lying, since the pic was about epople that don;t emntion t he jews and a number of people portrayed d helped a lot to mention the jews

in the media the alt right these days is mentioned as , nazis, white supremacists and further

if ya look at the text in the pic it says: they all steer the goyim away from mentioning the jews , LIE
who would designate non jews as goyim? : jews (in jest its okay but they sound really serious...)
they play the game of attacking everyone, lumping eeryone, and herding people towards them (the people that lied already and do great misrepresentation(

maybe you can post a vid of them on certain subjects and i will loo at what they say on otehr topics.

so far they sound liek they want to start the infighting wars again instead of attacking the jews / jew related topics like trunews and other

Panzerfaust said...

The author is correct in linking hostility to 9/11 truth with undisclosed affiliation to the group who actually carried it out. People like Anglin even go further by reinforcing every false flag intel cutout patsy from Andreas Breivik to Dylan Stormroof to Brenton Tarrant.

The Citizen Reporter said...

Kyle Hunt and Sinade are jewish?

Scorpio said...

At least half of this list is is wrong. Half of them are prob yesish the other half just glow in the dark.

sophieturner said...

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