August 24, 2019

Your Saturday Cartoons 2019.08.24


Zeebra said...

sorta weak for a "cartoon" - had to open full size version to read the fine print; I thought it was Stacy Abrams but wasn't sure until reading fine print.

She announced in the recent 1-2 wks sometime, did not intend to run for POTUS.

If she ran, & her name/pic became much more 'household' than now, that WOULD be cartoon-esque without any added funny captions, as she's a model of clownworld-black-politician corruption!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Dang Zeebra, I will work harder to not inconvenience you in the future. Imagine! Having to enlarge an image to read the fine print. Serious Third World problem I am told.

What I do is simply collect things of amusement with a slant to the Right, gathering such material takes time; most cartoons are very LEFT oriented; sometimes it is old but still amusing.

Why not head over to the page and take a look at the other material offered, please? They ain't all cartoons!

Marycatherine Barton said...

Huge thanks to Noor for her site, esp. the Saturday Cartoons. rflol