September 07, 2019

THE NAMES GAME by graham hart

September 06, 2019

How It Works. 
by graham hart.

1. JOHN DOE - THE CORPORATION/COMPANY NAME - TESCO, Morrisons, WOOLWORTHS, Boots, ETC. Also used in writing*.

2. John Doe - The Contracting name. Used in Commerce & writing*.

It is crucial that you fully understand that both names in bold above are NOT YOUR names. please understand the true meaning of both before you play. Otherwise, you may lose the game.

They both belong to THE GOVERNMENT. you have a receipt using either one of them from the Government, via A Copy of your Birth Certificate. usually in the top left hand corner, you will have a stock number. example: KC213456.

3. john doe - your real name, your only name. it is your god-given name. only this all lower case (true english) name is your name. when challenged by so-called AUTHORITY, always “act” under this name. it is yours. given to you through your parents and by god (grantor of dominion). they cannot ‘do business’ with your god-given name, so they want you to submit to their names.
john doe lives only under god’s law. “cause no harm or loss”; and nothing else.

A True (children’s) Story. 
Written in the english language – response in CORPORATE language.


Chains said...

Yeah its all true but the courts do not care. Look at cases like russell porinsky dean clifford, winston shrout and many others. It might change if we can hit a tipping point but for now its dangerous. If you look up individual in the canadian law dictionary, it says the bill of rights applies to natural person only. In the interpretations act it says in individual is a natural person. However most statures redefine you as a driver voter etc etc.
These creatures are artificial persons so the bill of rights does not apply to you. We are slaves. Are you surprised?

Chains said...

So ask the judge if a driver is an individual as per the interpretations act. Also "includes" is a word worth studying. Hint: it is confining not expansive. Eg from the motor vehicle act in BC. Accident- includes an intentional collision. Includes means only, its confining. Look it up in Blacks law dictionary. So in my example of accident it means all accidents are intentional in this statute (contract)you signed into. So the courts and under the law you are a guilty of an intentional collision when you get into an "accident"

Asskickfilms said...

Because they didn't bring the court back to God's law Chainsawmillerman. Make sure he/she is standing under his/her oath by asking at the beginning of proceedings.

Oath of allegiance
“I, _________ , do swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, according to law.”

The Queen is the 'Defender of the Christian faith'. In a court situation, bring it back to that: " Am I not standing in the kingdom of God?"

Screw acts and statutes. That's THEIR game. God's law - Did you cause harm or loss? That is the only thing Christian courts are for.

You are not going to understand it with one read. You have to learn it and fully understand it. The only law book you need is the bible...and nothing else...and you don't even need that. Just stand under god's law and to hell with their fictional bullshit.

Yes you need to grow a pair, so learn who you are and you'll find they will grow naturally.

Chains said...

It is THEIR game, thats exactly my point. I have researched this for years. Its fascinating and totally has merit. However, you are a play piece on their board. Russell Porinsky of Chilliwack, B.C was a guy i followed years ago 2009/2010 and he is in prison for tax evasion. Dean Clifford went to prison and came out a little different in my opinion. Winston Shrout is also currently in prison for tax evasion. So if you want to play with parking tickets speeding tickets or go around a sovereign travelling instead of driving, good luck and have fun. I totally agree with this material in principle. I'm saying you are going up against a satanic system. Don't pay you income taxes for 5 years and see how that goes. The sad truth is you will be found guilty of tax evasion. Rocco Galati can't even get the supreme court to take seriously that the Bank of Canada should be operated as it was intended when it was set up in 1938!

Chains said...

It is a Simon says game so if you can master every legal maxim and can rebut deeply established legal axioms know legalese to the point of not getting tricked by the common english usage VS the legal meaning you might even have a chance. :) Have fun with it! I'm saying you might want to pay your taxes for now.

Chains said...

Court room procedure is offer and acceptance too the Bible is not always going to help you. You can know yourself and know exactly who you are for sure. It will help you when you have an extended stay at the crowbar hotel.

Nona said...

Actually, the truth is that the last point, "john doe" is NOT your real name.
It was the name given to you by your parents / guardians.

You, the Human Persona, DOES NOT know your real name. No one does.
The Elite/Court knows this very well, and if you go to a Court of Law, answering to this name, they will dispatch you fast, and you will have lost.

"However, you can say, "That's the name given to me," or "That's what I'm called."

Extortion System of the Ruling Elite"

THis SOurce uses the jew bible as reference. It's NOT Just, the bible is babble, but,unfortunately, this is the System that the Ruling Elite use,in Courts of Law, it's a Game, and in knowing their tricks, we can avoid falling into their trap.

Chains said...

“I, _________ , do swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, according to law.”

Remember too Asskick, Many believe the Queen too has become a legal fiction and/or is a defacto Queen as opposed to being a dejure. This can be debated all day long. The late Eldon Warman asserted this in his detax material if you remember it. Its long gone now and has been conveniently scrubbed from the web as far as i can tell. Here is some info you can look at that argues against the freeman movement. You should know your enemy if you are preparing to live in truth.

Asskickfilms said...

Chainsawmillerman. Respect.

I followed Dean avidly and a little bit of Winston Shrout way back amongst many others. Not once did any of them stand with God to my knowledge; which is the key absolute. And not once has it been mentioned in the above comments thus far.

It is THEIR court because we have GIVEN it to them. Stand under God and take it back/don't give them jurisdiction in the first place.

Unless I had caused Harm or Loss, the only way you'd get me into a Court is by dragging me; where I would use the same as I described in the article.

Chains said...

Indeed I'm in agreement. With the exception that Winston did say it was all biblical. Anyway my point is you going up against a Masonic/Jewish/Luciferian preisthood. Since they have tied us completely to their debt system and they tend to ignore your arguments.