September 07, 2019

BLACK ON BLACK WAR: S.Africa: Blacks attack Foreign blacks – Nigerians hit back in revenge!

Jan Lamprecht c/o Bob in DC

Its been wild. This is my quick summary on some of the action.

Today has been freaking wild in South Africa. I spent the whole day just hunting for info. The quickest way to update you all is via a voice note. Its insane what the blacks are doing.


Og said...

I was reading a tweet earlier today and one of the cnn black fellas was blaming whites for these attacks

He stated in 2017, that the whites in South Africa counts for 8.6% of the population and own 85% of the wealth

Now my questions are
1) What % of the 8.6% are jews
2) What part of the 85% is owned by jews

Forge The Bond said...

And, how much of the actual white 'wealth' is offset by their debt to those Jews via mortgages, personal loans, overdrafts, credit cards etc.? Just like whites everywhere.