October 27, 2019

41% of Germans think Jews talk too much about the Holocaust

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Nona said...


I'm tired of hearing about the holohoax, too.

AND the more the Germans and the Europeans bring in islamics, the MORE harrassment and anti-semitism will take place. The islamics are the ones committing the anti-semite acts, or rather, anti-Khazarian" acts.

And NO, Khazarians didn't originated in Europe/Caucasians. THe DNA samples are done by jew funded companies, and lie. Why do people believe them in this, when these companies, etc., lie in everything?

The Khazarians came from the area of China. THe conquering Han People were expanding West from the Yellow River, and found these Khazar tribes, who the Han pushed Westward, towards Europe. This around the 2nd c. A.D. onward.