October 27, 2019

Ryan Dawson Before Selling Out


JB said...

How did he sell out? What happened?

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Right off the bat this POS throws out as an insult, "people believing in physics". Like they are the ones that are wrong because they don't believe that buildings can turn to dust in seconds. Ryan is a dreamer addicted to his own voice. He and West are two of the most dangerous people to the truth movement. Great video Ogster. It totally shows the lack of morality, soul, and critical thinking ability of the little shit for brains, and his new butt buddy.

Zeebra said...

this vid's BC url: https://www.bitchute.com/video/mpmHxUP2kko1/
YT url (may not last...): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cksAl3vFhHM

vlogger Johnny Gatt's top-pinned comment at the jootube page:

"In case some of you who are confused as to why Zion Fraudson now promotes the 'Al Qaeda orchestrated 9/11 and Mossad let it happen narrative' my next project on Alexander Dugin & Yuri Bezmenov should be the final nail in the coffin ;) "

Ry has been DDuke's guest 2, maybe 3 times in the recent month? & DD always annoyed me for his taking the limited hangout view of every FF/hoax event since at least 911.

painkiller said...

Video should be renamed: Ryan Dawson before he shook off insane, retarded shite and exposed the Israeli and Saudi role in 9/11

Seriously, to say he sold out is proper dumbfuck shit.

Sarah Perry said...

"I'm telling ya, this disinformation sh*t is an effective technique. It's a freaking Ace."

WWS said...

Looking forward to his exposé
of Dugin and especially Bezmenov.

Henry said...

One only needs to hear him pushing liberalism/libertarianism/"gold is money"/"get yourself an Asian wife/"we all know the Holocaust happend, etc, etc, to know he's bad news. His pal Adam Green is developing along a similar path with his mission to find common ground with hasbarat Jews bulshit.

Tim said...

gayin dawson..................

Tim said...

shall i give the expose of dugin and besmenov now? :)

dugin and brezinski are supposed to be enemies but they are actually friends and there are pics of the two of them together smiling, meaning they both work for jews, meaning putin and america are not enemies but both working for the jewish world order

besmenov's real name is (((schumann))), he did expose but never mentioned jews he did a revelation of method



Tim said...

gayin dawson is controlled opposition, reinforcing fake narratives that serv global jewry :)

WWS said...

"he did a revelation of method"

Cover story. He may have even been deployed by Andropov.

In America it took two centuries. Not two generations.


Thank you, no. Not without source references.

Not surprising about Bezmenov, if true.

Dugin is anti-White scum: