October 25, 2019

Craig Hemke - Financial Crash Near


Vespasian said...

Typical of a jew attempting to get you buy into the gold myth. Gold, as in all precious metals is an international jew scam, and is utterly worthless. Several reasons. 1- The value of an ounce of gold is determined by international jew bankers (who would have ever thunk it). It's value goes up and down based on what these international jews say it's worth (who would have evr thunk it). Because it goes up and down, it is a zero sum exchange medium, meaning when gold goes up the holder of gold has more purchasing power, but the merchant loses, and if gold goes down, the holder of gold loses purchasing power and the merchant wins. This is based on the fact that the merchant has to buy goods wholesale at some point to re-stock supply, and will pay for his goods based on the value of gold on the day he buys. The worst part of the gold scam is that its worth derives only from its rarity, meaning you cant dig some up in your backyard, however, because of modern technology, modern currency, and the anti-counterfeit methods actually make today's currency bills more rare than gold. Gold is ancient and has been institutionalized for millenia but it is no longer applicable in the modern world. Another critical point is that modern currencies have serial numbers and can be tracked, which protects the circulation from dumping. The final most important point is that a nations currency is backed up by its land, resources, government, courts and its military. The US dollar is protected by the US Marines and our nuclear weapons arsenol. Gold has no protections whatsoever, and the fact that these scams still exist is just more proof that jews are swindlers from the dark ages that need to be put out of their and our...misery...once and for all!

Vespasian said...

Another final point. In the event of a collapse, there will be widespread famine and civil unrest and value will suddenly shift from gold, and diamonds to food, water and ammo. 82% of US population lives in urban areas. That is 260 million mouths to feed and no resources to feed them. As infrastructure grinds to a halt, food, water, medicine, electricity and communications will disappear. Cops and soldiers wont show up for work simply because a cascade of infrastructure failures will prevent them from doing so. Cops and soldiers also have their own families, who will need protection during the widespread rioting and looting.
If you think anyone is going to give up their food during a mass famine for gold or diamonds, you have got another thing coming!
Maybe it would be better to continue to let people think gold is the best hedge against a collapse. At least this way, we can watch all the fools die off...at last!

Chains said...

Yep gold and silver sales promotion. The real story is the coming government issued crypto currencies