October 25, 2019

Grab it before the bolsheviki germans arrest you for sharing


Og said...

fuck deleted already
brown fella hacking a woman to death in Germany

nothing to see here

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

I haven't seen this but be careful not to fall for hoaxes.

Like the samurai sword guy cutting off his roommates arm earlier this year, filmed from different angles, is very suspect.

Just like the beheading of the Army soldier in Britain.

Just like the Bataclan in France.

Jews want all attention focused on Christians vs. Muslims and not on them. They flood the immigrants, then get the left to defend them, and get the right to see them as the threat with fake events like truck attacks. Classic dialectic.

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

Then they have fake white racists shooting up black churches, mosques, and synagogues. So that the left sees a threat of "white racists" and the right sees a threat of "brown terrorists", but nobody is looking at the jew. I say that they are expanding these hoaxes to include smaller and more personalized stories, to even include individual rape cases now.

tag said...


Nona said...

No, it's still there.

People can vid it and send it on.

JRH said...

I've seen it. It is quite real. You take folk who've been involved in the brutality of war, which many of these folk have been, and these things will happen. The only way to stop it is killing or jailing these perps. Denying, making excuses, etc., is a fools game. There are two natural reactions to this sort of thing, flight (which includes denial) or fight. For the sake of keeping society orderly and livable fighting is the right response. You can hear the guy who got this video on his phone saying "call 911". The wrong response in my view. Get the sob sick perp right then and there. He must be stopped asap and not allowed to escape. The cops may or may not be able to find him. Citizens do have not only the right but the responsibility to act in cases like this. I would have killed the sob on the spot. I would have been in the right. Any decent jury would see that. Any truly decent society would reward such behavior.