October 30, 2019

Science And Kabbalah

The relation between Kabbalah and theoretical science, boldly being stated by renowned physicist Michio Kaku among others, ought to have us critically examining the many things we have come to accept as " science ". Given the countless ways Kabbalah has infiltrated society and determined our worldview.

Where Kabbalah Kisses Science

Michio Kaku: Future of Humans, Aliens, Space Travel & Physics, Artificial Intelligence

The Human Connectome Project


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Nona said...

To begin with this information, the basic information was STOLEN by the isralites/hebrews, from the Ancient Egyptians. Whoever Moses was, whether Akhnaton or several people, he was raised as a prince and taught the esoteric information of the priests. When he left Egypt, he had this information and turned it to his advantage..twisted it his way....to control others.

Chains said...

I'm not even sure "this information" is true today. Its like the famous quote by Nikola Tesla

"Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality."

Theoretical Sciences seem to have been "injected" with this Kabbalistic material and mat be the seeds of Astrophysics, Evolution, and Quantum Theory none of which can be proven outside of mathematics for the most part.

Holly Woodrow said...
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Tim Osman said...

Gatekeeper's probably a Kabbalist himself. Keeps all the useful secrets inhouse.

Kaku was born 5 years, 11 months (343 days) after the previous Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.
Michio = 343 (trigonal)
7x7x7 = 343
777 is the octal of 511
Saturn = 511 (jewish)

Michio Kaku = 1313 (squares)
Masons = 1313 (squares)

Michio Kaku = 169 (reverse ordinal)
13x13 = 169

13 is a Moon number of the 13-moon cycle/year

Michio = 57 (english ordinal)
Moon = 57 (english ordinal)
Michio = 83 (francis bacon)
Moon = 83 (francis bacon)
Michio = 113 (franc baconis)
Moon = 113 (franc baconis)

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