December 14, 2019

A Bedtime Story

How It Will Go Down: Agenda 2030


Albert said...

Hindsight is 20 / 20

In 2+ weeks it will be 2020

Each Generation, we can Look-Back and SEE How-MUCH we have ((("Lost"))) !!!

Like this Narration Says: This is NOT "Fiction" !!! :-(

I recommend to LISTEN to this "Bed Time Story"!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Unknown said...

First off Zap. You need to shitcan this google sign in bullshit in order to be able to post. The fucks cancel accounts on a daily basis now and you have to create a new account every time you want to use our soldier won free speech rights to post a public comment. Fight this shit. At least SHITCAN THE GOOGLE SIGN IN.
As far as the video goes, this whole scenario is wishful thinking as the jews don't need to play asymmetrical warfare out this far to destroy us. During the last major crash in 1929, there were over six million farms that serviced tens of thousands of small grocery stores throughout the US that fed America. Despite the hyperinflation that occurred, the government was able to step in and control price increases from going so high that everyone starved to death, and there were still millions that starved or stood in soup lines for hours, and lived in what they called Hoovervilles. In the event of a major crash in the markets today, even this would now be impossible for a variety of reasons. Today they are less than two million farms, most of which grow feed or fuel corn, or soybeans for china, with a lot of our foodstuff imported. There simply isn't enough food production to feed the country after a collapse. Bottom line is, all the jews have to do is flip a switch on wall street and we get mass famine and civil unrest with rob mobs and death squads everywhere. It will be just like after Rome fell and the encastllation period that followed. As planned. Now, the question we need to ask ourselves is, since the jews are obviously collapsing our system on purpose, do you think they'll allow survivors to rebuild? Maybe a little premptive strike is in order? They have certainly given us our casus belli.

Chains said...

Zap did not post this directly.There is some biblical shit coming but it is what it is and who knows when...