December 20, 2019

Dutch Court Rules Sexual Harassment Of Women In Public Is Protected ‘Freedom Of Expression’


Harry Mack said...

Damn, back in 1999, I simply said "Hello" to a bird on a bicycle in Amsterdam, and she started bitching about "We are not all Prostitutes here" - No shit sherlock - I was there for the weed and the art museums - keep your stinky ass to yourself. Stayed in a hostel and out the window, the whores were crying all night about "being in love" Very depressing place to go by yourself.

Harry Mack said...

When I went back again with 2 friends from Northern Ireland; saw a completely different, really enthusiastic side of Amsterdam, after hours. The "Coffee Shop Culture" was quite different than the sex & drug whorehouse disney of the world. Could go into a lot of detail but basically the Dutch people were very warm and respectful if you were warm and respectful to them; they put a lot of hard work and pride into their "Shops" and the best places I found were after-hours when they Shut The Doors to idiots and had the place to themselves. I'm so glad my experience was balanced out on my second trip; went back 2 times after that - never went for human slavery - never went to hostels after the 1st time either.

Harry Mack said...

Except for what became my favorite "Shops" to eat and watch people, the daytime best places were a short hop outside of Amsterdam and anywhere across the Netherlands, away from the multi-culture city centers.

The Dutch put a Beautiful touch on everything. Now, I want to go back, I would freak if I saw invaders everywhere.

Even in 1999, they were peppered with mooslem ghettoes and a few skin-heads but that is a worldwide kike stain.
Russia and Dublin every place seemed to have skin-heads. None of our countries deserve this negro invasion.
Would love to go back and Netherlands would be on my top 3, maybe even as a mercenary. said...

American men stole homo flag from church land and burned down, he was arrested and he got 16 years in prison !!!!!!