December 24, 2019

Freiburg Fridays - Climate Change Hoax - Fridays For Future. by waykiwayki

These two people have good hearts, it takes alot for a young person in rigid Germany to step up and want a better world. It's not personal - but they are being used in a false narrative. I hope they, or their friends or followers do some proper research. All is not what is seems.


Og said...

these moron young folks are scary
and german kids to boot

JT Custer said...

FFF=666=jew jew jew.
Greta Thunberg is a jew.
Don't say "German," don't say "Swede," don't say "American," etc., when what you're talking about is a jew.

And the "world plastic problem" is not caused by "corporations." It's caused by the nonWhite morons dumping their plastics irresponsibly. We don't have floating plastic islands in the northern Great Lakes of North America. Why? Whites are the main population surrounding and using the lakes, that's why.

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The best of us Whites would clean it up. We would solve the problem. But jews control our countries and stand in our way. jews foment every big emotional destructive disgusting controversy and conflict as endless Distractions to keep the sheeple busy so the sheeple never figure out jewry is the root of it all.

Chains said...

Its is really quite interesting how little "informed people" know about the state of affairs we are in concerning the UN plan to environmentally enslave the planet.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Vigilant Citizen does the best exposes on Greta whom I suspected was a (((tribalist))) for some time.

The Elite Machine Behind Greta Thunberg

Antigooglite said...

psyop disinfo
filled with flat earth bullshit in order to associate climate realists with flat earth bullshit

nice work useful idiots

Chains said...

@Antogooglye LOL so much hyper sensitivity... The take away is, that organizers of many of these young environmental groups do not even realize who the UN really is. Nor do they realize the role of the World Bank or George Soros or other uber rich corporations designed to lead us into world communism. Did you feel the vacuum of flat earth working its magic on you and pulling you into that belief system? LOL. How weak minded do you think people frequenting this site are? Flat earth is outside of the scope of this video. He mentions 5g and chemtrails too but that is not really the point of the discussion. The point is that the level of indoctrination in schools is huge. More so than generation X and previous generations with maybe the exception of the boomers and the atomic threat. This indoctrination is also intense at the college level too.Do you think there will be an increase among young people or is the mind control going to be broken? They are starting very young now in the government run indoctrination pens. God help us.

Chains said...

I spoke out at an environmental meeting last year organized by the NDP (the left in Canada). It was mostly adults there . They hated me LOL I asked our Federal MP why he was using data from the UN and the world bank? I asked him "why should we be listening to bankers and their lackeys? Where was our government data?" "These people are not our elected officials!" I then went on a tirade about the fraudulent nature of the Bank of Canada. The crowd hated me for that. I didn't care. :) I was ignored in the "question period" after that. It was a joke! The wife and I decided that next time we would go in as individuals so we could support each other from across the room. I know we do strange things for entertainment. LOL. There is a very large segment who buy into this shit in a big way. The big point was the carbon tax was going to be something that would benefit us all during the transition and that we would get tons of grants to update our homes and heating systems such as geothermal! LOL fecking bullshit! Merry Christmas! LOL

. said...

Her face has the tell-tale signs of fetal-alcohol-syndrome, as well as, of course, being autistic.

The bottom-line is that NO ONE should be taking-advice from a child like that.

Folks, we are living in some kind-of-living-Hell, with pretty much everything being upside-down.