December 24, 2019

Winter Is Coming For The Banksters


Anonymous said...

Great as films like this broaden the audience and knowledge base,but one of the film makers suggests remedy by claiming against the land registry which most of us know is the pivot point of the problem.You handed ownership,at least in part to them by registering the property in the first place. In U.K. deeds describe the homeowner as 'the proprietor' despite the section of the deeds that states this being titled 'to establish ownership' so the word owner already used. I'm inclined to think, like many others that fixing the issues through the legal system is an option long dead and gone. Playing a game you don't fully understand against a dishonest opponent who has centuries more experience,can change the rules at the stroke of a pen and has an army of hired thugs as a last resort seems to hold little merit. Taking back control and exposing these bastards to true justice is vastly more appealing.
On a lighter note can i wish all the patrons of Mamis a great Christmas and New year. Lets hope 2020 brings us more than the 4 more years of Trump,Fake Brexit and Top Gun sequel we've been promised so far lol. Have fun guys.

Chains said...

Merry Christmas to you too Tez. Its interesting, in Canada "owner" is used within the statute to redefine you from the flesh and blood man into the legal fiction. So from the outset the contract is fraudulent and you volunteer through your right of contract to step in as an "artificial person". The Constitution Act, 1867, gave legislative power over property and civil rights to the provinces. Property law, for all of Canada's common law provinces, originated in England. Ownership is a illusion in Canada as it is in all commonwealth countries (to my knowledge). Title to land give you the "right" to "enjoy it" until they decide to tax you out of it and into a small condo or eminent domain comes into play. Allodial title is a distant memory that no longer exists. As you say registering land is another step used to limit ownership. The other interesting point is that using " bank notes" to purchase property is a joke too. A note by definition is a promise to pay at some later date. We can't purchase anything in our current state of this swindle. We can only discharge debt with bank notes. We technically own nothing LOL. When i paid for my first home (that later was sold to pay off the ex-wife) I got a notice of discharge from the bank when it was paid off. I did not receive the original blue ink papers used to contract me into the deal. Those are used today to float mortgage back securities LOL They sell that debt instrument to 3rd party investors today!!! this is a fecked up world run by Lizards! just like Davis Icke says!!!!LOL Merry Christmas slaves! Hope you are all in the giving spirit!!!