December 21, 2019

Graduate of elite IDF Unit 8200 breaks barriers with her free-love commune

While some grads of the highly-selective signal intelligence corps go on to launch billion-dollar startups, Shir Talor is a polyamorous pioneer with a cuddle space to be jealous of.

Just a short drive from the hummus shops and hairdressers in the center of Pardes Hannah, there is a free-love commune where dozens of people happily give the finger to societal norms.

Old-timers in the Israeli town think it’s a myth, and even the many hippies who have migrated to the small city of 42,000 an hour north of Tel Aviv aren’t sure whether to believe the rumors of the love collective established last year.

“Don’t call us a couple,” says 33-year-old Shir Talor as she sits with one of her partners. “Call us lovers.”

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