December 21, 2019

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2019.12.21

Powers & Principalities Episode 131

The Sackler Family and the Opioid Crisis

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Albert said...

Many Many Very Important Points !!!

... But, Like EMJones and his Bizarre LACK of: "Race-Realism" and WORSE ...

-> Joe-Atwill's: "Hitler was a "jew-Puppet" ... But Most jews are "out-of-the-Evil-Loop/Level/Know"! ..."* ...

Leaves a BAD-Taste in my Perception: of just HOW-Much They Truly-CARE for the TRUTH! ...
-- As Opposed to Their Neat-&-Tidy "clever": "Freemason"-Secret-Society "Smarter-than-Most-EVERYONE-Else" (certainly "Stupid-'Hitler-Lovers'!" ;-) -- "Old-School": "ONE [Un-Knowable/Un-REACHABLE] Family-Blood-Line at the Top of Freemasonry is Inexorably-Un-Stoppably Behind-EVERYTHING ... and "thus" Hillary and Drumph are "No-Different"!"

(*Dennis Fetcho's TALK with Joe, as Con-Trasted with this Closed-Scripted Chuckle-Fest type presentation ... Revealed: how Joe is NOWHERE Near as "Authoritative" as he Presents-Himself to BE! -- I NOW Imagine: Joe has a Voice-Modifier to ADD-Bass-Reverberation to his Voice tone! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

At-Least Timothy + Joe's Chuckle-Presentation is FAR FAR more Listenable (Although Timothy is Mumbly while Reading-His-Beginning-bits) ...
Than A-Butt-Hole's: Reading-Off a Looong-List ... Mumble-Fest !!! ;-)

I simply CAN'T "Give" ABH the "Patient"-TIME: to TRY to "Salvage" some IMPORTANT "Facts" OUT-of-Listening-to-such! ...

--> It IS Quite Reasonable to FOCUS: on Listening to THOSE: who you Feel are-Not: Deliberately-TRYING to Miss-Lead You! ...

The Indian phrase for such is: "Milk touched by the Lips-of-a-Serpent!"
-- MILK is Very Nutritious, and Enjoyable ... BUT, IF you Foolishly-"Think": that YOU will be-ABLE to DRINK-Such ... WITHOUT the DEADLY-Poison Taking-its-Effect ... You are "Deluding-Yourself"! ;-)

(IF you have some NICE-Food ... BUT You MAY have got a Shard-of-Glass in-there due to a chipped/broken-jar, or if your Pyrex Cracked ... You simply MUST-NOT-Eat-such ... Otherwise You MAY get: Cut-Up Intestines! -- Which WILL Indeed MORE than "Defeat" ANY Nutrition ... that You HOPED to Obtain from such! ;-)

Many Folks are Exposed to the "Delphi-Technique" ... Where they "Think"/Imagine: that They are "Learning"-Something, in a Reciprocal-Exchange!

---- IF You want-to-have-a-bit-of-"Fun" (over the Holidays maybe) Talk to someone of HOW: Lawyers, "Financial-Advisors", Teachers, and DOCTORS are HIGHLY "Disreputable" ... And THEN Hear Them "Agree" But then contend ... that THEIR: Lawyer, "Financial-Advisor", Child's-Teachers, and DOCTOR are Really Really GOOD! ;-)
-- It would SEEM that it is ALWAYS some OTHER Suckers, who get Stuck-with: the many many BAD-Ones! ;-)
--> Folks Should UNDERSTAND: that the FIRST "Aspect" of these Con-Men ... is CONNING YOU !!!

Albert said...

Just Like: the Hitler Quote of how: Normal Folks tell small-Lies, but CANNOT even IMAGINE Telling: BIG-Shameless-EVIL-(((LIES))) ...
So we are (((media-"Trained"))) to HATE: Our FELLOW-Whites ... for the Slightest-Perceived-"Wrong" ... which substantially involves Hurt-FEELINGS ...

But we simply "LOVE": the Money Exchanges: where a Pretty-Girl Store-Clerk "Smiles-Friendly" for a moment ...
Or where a: Lawyer, "Financial-Advisor", DOCTOR* ... Who FEEL-NO-GENUINE-Affection Towards YOU ... and CAN (for-ever)-HowEver-Long: it is IN (((their))) Financial-GAIN etc: to PRETEND-to-BE: Your "Friend" ... (Un-Like Your Family + Friends!) You Will/CAN ("surprisingly"/amazingly): NEVER say ANYTHING to OFFEND-(((them))) !!! ;-) (Un-Like Your TRUE/Real: Friends + Family!)
-- BECAUSE (((they))) ALREADY: DESPISE You! -- (((they))) Only PRETEND to BE Your "Friend"! ;-)

* We have been (((con-vinced))) that: the MORE (((they))) CHARGE, the "Better" (((they))) are !!! ;-)

(In our "Modern" World, as You Accumulate More and More MONEY ... More and More "people" work "harder" and "harder" to TAKE it FROM You! -- Hence Wealthy People, become Vain and Stuck-Up, and "Shed" their OLD TRUE-Friends ... as they BECOME Surrounded-BY: Those who ONLY-Pretend to BE-"Friends", for Their-OWN Financial etc GAINS! ... And, thus, can Do-So Perpetually, and NEVER Drop-Such-a-Facade! ;-)
We perceive a Lot by Comparison/Contrast: (a wife looks-Back: and IF she Does-NOT have Many Beautiful-Children, and Her Spiritual-Self-Respect, will SEE a Great Deminishment and LEAVE!) -- NO REAL TRUE-Friends can EVER appear Nice (as Their TRUTHFUL-Feedback is sometimes "hurtful"!) in COMPARISON to: Con-Men/Women, who, BECAUSE They ALWAYS-Appear-"Friendly" will simply NEVER: "Hurt" Your FEELINGS !!! ;-)

We Hear the Term "Psychopath" a lot. Jews of course are Shameless LIARS !!! -- The TRUTH is Meaningless to (((them))) !!!
(((their)))" Truth" is the Calculation: "What is "Good"-for-the-jews!?

(((their))) "High"-Verbal-Skills: Actually Entails a "thought"-Process which is a Con-tinual CALCULATION of: "WHAT must I SAY next: To GET the RESULT which is: "Good-for-the-jews"!

It seems in some ways contradictory: As (((they))) are simultaneously Soooo "Emotional" / Emotionally-Manipulative ... and Yet: (((they)))) CARE-NOTHING: for ANY of the "Goyim's" Terrible-Sufferings which (((they))) CAUSE! -- Indeed (((they))) RELISH-such !!! -- So (((many))) actually USE: OUR BeLIEf in (((their)))-monetary-Gain, as a MASK for such Fiendish-((("Delight")))! ...

Like Joe Said: The (((sacklers'))) True-Goal: Is Not so much: "Making-Money" ... as DESTROYING "Goyim" !!! :-(

WWS said...

Albert pike's another.

slurp said...

Hopefully Kelly is open to some constructive criticism about the format.

With the Atwill shows he tends to read out a prepared summary of the establishment take on the issue at hand. I think that's fine if it's short and he reads it well, because it's hard to read a text and have your audience follow it and not just drop off, for anyone who isn't a professional actor or speaker. The trouble is, Kelly tends to stutter and fluff a lot of words, and lose his space and have to find it, much more often than even an average reader.

I listen to these shows while doing simple physical tasks and have no difficulty getting data and emphasis when the speech comes in dialogue form, conversation. We are better in taking in new information when it comes to us in the form that we would ourselves first think to restate it, even to ourselves; in conversational form. Reading from text should be kept to a minimum by everyone doing podcasting. Even if you're Martin Jarvis.

I'm writing this after stopping the podcast after 13 minutes of stutter, fuzz and slurring that I realized I had mostly just zoned out of for self defense. 13 minutes and the conversation hasn't even started yet!

Tim Osman said...


All great points. Listening to a long script is like falling asleep to rain, etc., the zzZzs just come naturally.

Chains said...

Great show, covered a new and interesting bit of info in my world.