December 17, 2019

Luka Bloom & Christy Moore - I'm A Bogman

Dedicated to my good Irish bogmen buddies (Ognir & Delcroix) who live near the bog, who have used the bog and continue to use it for turf to heat their homes, who walk through it and watch the incredible nature that goes on within the bog and while footin' the turf take a step back and take a good view from the bog at this crazy world and go WTF!!  P.S. No Jews, Africans or Jihadi types allowed in the bog...only Irish bogmen..this is our home!


Og said...
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Og said...

lol Brizer

I have used an expression all my adult life since I left Ireland at 18

You can beat the man out of the bog
but you can't beat the bog out of the man

Very true as far as I'm concerned