December 17, 2019

Stephen Harper nominated to have a Jerusalem street named after him

The former Canadian premier, widely considered to have been one of the most pro-Israel leaders in modern history, was nominated for the honor by Jerusalem City Council member Dan Illouz.

Though tradition dictates that the honor be reserved for individuals who have been dead for at least three years, exceptions may be made—and “Harper is a strong case for such an exception,” Illouz told JNS. “Throughout his time in office, he was, and continues to be today, a devoted friend of Israel,” he said.

Harper was the first Western leader to suspend aid to the Palestinian Authority after Hamas’s electoral victory in 2006. In 2009, he was the first to withdraw from the infamous Durban Review Conference, saying the event would “scapegoat the Jewish people.” In a 2014 Knesset speech, Harper committed to support Israel “through fire and water.” He is also known for changing Canada’s voting record in the United Nations in support of the Jewish state, ending funding to UNRWA, opposing Iran’s nuclear program, promoting investment in Israeli security and intelligence and modernizing trade agreements between Israel and Canada to increase trade and business connections.


WWS said...

Harper's Fairy Lane

Chains said...

Canadian PM Stephen Harper serenading Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu with his kick ass rendition of Hey Jew, whoops, I meant Hey Jude as the evenings entertainment. What an embarrassing night for Canada.

And who can forget Harper's buddy and drummer Phillip Nolan who ended up getting two years for five counts each of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and sexual interference with a minor.

I also remember reading the Nolan lived on Harper's property for a time but it seems to have been scrubbed or I just cant find it. Does anyone else remember that story?

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I remember all of that. I know I have never been able to listen to "Hey Jude" again without seeing Bibi & Sarah smiling during the serenade. I did not, however, remember or know that Nolan was THAT close to the PM.

Does anyone else remember when Canadian Jews were annoyed at Harper for sending out Rosh Hosanna greetings to all of them, unsolicited? When did he ever send me a Christmas card?

Isn't there also a bird sanctuary in Israel named after him?

Chains said...

Sorry thatabove post was not true. it was not Phil Nolan it was Ray Novak.

"Harper wears a wig, lipstick and eyeliner (at tax payer expense).

Two of Harper's top aides are gay; Kenney and Baird.

Ray Novak, his personal assistant, used to live above Harper's private garage.

Harper's wife has apparently left him.

You do the math."

Spotlight on Ray Novak, PMO chief who lived above Harper's garage

Max Smart said...

(((John Howard))) the aussie pm, working tirelessly and diligently for ZOG, also had something named after him. The West has been captive to these hooknosed jews ever since they gained control of the money supply - from which every imaginable degeneracy (jewish sacraments such as abortion, usury, porn) has followed.