December 22, 2019

Quantum Entanglement, or High-Tech Divination? [Questioning Occult Scientism]


Nona said...

Oh, for Pete's sake!

Ok, I'm open to new ideas, considerations and philosophies.
It's foolish to say, "Occult", because the word only means, "hidden"
It's not some deep, dirty, mystery or "charlatanism" to be avoided.

You could say that the teachings in the catholic seminaries are "occult." And that the American Indian ceremonies, the Inipi /Sweat Lodge Healing ceremonies are "occult." ANd the Medicine Wheels. And the Shamanism of the Siberians, and the Curanderos of South America, and the Hopi Elder Healings are occult. All these are
"supernatural", above the Material World. No White Man knows how it works, but it does.

I reject Einstein. For one, because of the arrogance of the jews, thinking he's the most brilliant "scientist" under the sun, (in fact, he was a blatant plagiarist) and the non-jews that follow him, are foolish.

Really, NO one Human,knows the real origin or real history of Humanity.
Yet, there must the some version from the Indigenous Peoples, or the original Buddhists, or the European / American Wiccans, some thread that strikes true.

But, tell us your accounts. You want to sweep all previous ideas to one side, give us an alternative...that works.

As far as I reckon, the modern "scientist", Quantum Physicists, have stolen the methods of the above Peoples, are using the SAME explanations, as those Peoples above, only with different terms, different names to make it seem as if they SUDDENLY have discovered something!

Chains said...

So you concede scientism is in many ways is a Kabbalistic initiation into bullshit leading you away from reality and Christianity. What is the motivation?

Nona said...

I'm a Gnostic.

Nona said...

I'm a Gnostic....we're baaaaack!