December 28, 2019



WWS said...

At 7:30 he quotes Goebbels incompletely.
No need to go further.

However, per jew test (page search "jew"):

Scrolling "Top comments" 5 deep returned 1 mention.
Scrolling "Newest first" 5 deep returned 5 more.

Note also the negative comments to this article:

Just a year ago such a comment at this site resulted not only in deletion, but banning!

Times are changing rapidly.

Chains said...

I think The Bankers created Nazism to showcase a form of fascism and showed the ideology's disdain for" liberal democracy", alignment with antisemitism, scientific racism, and eugenics its all very scary LOL What a perfect combination! Most of this period was nothing more than propaganda IMHO. The bankers played us all for fools and we were and are.

Going back into history of British Royalty looking at the Brunswick and Luneburg and the Hanover line is interesting. The rise of the BIS in 1930 the people involved in its creation. The antagonistic conditions and land division created by the Treaty of Versailles.The historic family lines through this period are fascinating. The economic rise of Germany leading up to the war. The ancient Roman Law that documentaries like this point out tend to point to a manipulation that goes far beyond nationalistic flag waving. It is pretty obvious that it was all designed to create more death to Europeans and huge amounts of debt for the bankers.

I just don't buy the courageous German story anymore. We have been and continue to be farmed on a massive scale. It is becoming clear to me that the Jewish/Gentile banking powers want antisemitism. The bigger problem we face is our own enslavement. What are we going to do about that? Seems to me we have to get out from underneath that. The most interesting thing is that the majority will not admit they are slaves. LOL We are stuck in the mud and do not have the learned ability to even properly define our situation. Tell me where is Germany today? Is it possible the bankers were 10 steps ahead of us back then?

Chains said...

Just wanted to add that the wholesale slaughter were honorable good heroic men and I'm not trying to minimize that. So many families lost so many relatives. That in many ways is another reason why its difficult to admit the ruse.

Chains said...

This guy is also interesting and controversial. Edward Mandell House

WWS said...

Chainsaw: You miss most of the point I was making; plus, your 'House' report fails to mention that he was a jew, of which there are many in steerland.

Chains said...

I guess maybe i did. I don't doubt EMH was a jew. I'm certainly not defending him. I suspect these so called jews may well be Lizard people or Phoenicians or both LOL. Im only an average
guy of average intelligence so i don't always get it :) What is it that i missed? Was it that speaking out about JQ is becoming tolerated ? If yes what do you think that means?

WWS said...

Was it that speaking out about JQ is becoming tolerated?

Tolerated, ubiquitous, and: "Times are changing rapidly."

Chains said...

I am suspicious!!!! :)

Chains said...

U.S. Antisemitism Czar Demands Americans Learn How To Love Jews

Liam said...
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Liam said...

I know not if the quotes in this tube are accurately directed to the said speaker.
I do know that there is alot of truth in those statements and if the genuinely did come from those German speakers, they told infinitely more truth than I ever heard from all-lies speakers.

Was Eisenhower warning the populace of the MIC to ensure the populace's objection to it? Given he was part of and a leading figure in it and also knowing the major threat to the total control of USA would be a military coup lead by righteous men within the US military, at that time, and thus ensure the populace would condemn such a coup.

Liam said...

And what then follows is the "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars", which do not need to be listed or qualified to the truth-knowing and thereby 'free' followers of this website.

Thanks chainsaw for spreading this tube, all-be-it as motivating as it could be crippling. LOL.

Chains said...

"You can't, even if you wanted to, as it was never for sale."

Well, there we have it folks..Case closed.

"The spirit of the German people is / was far, far above commerce and merchant law where we all "buy and sell" and are perpetually bank slaves by consent."

Well there certainly was a wholesale slaughter of souls wasn't there. Something seems to have been bought and sold on several several levels, at least from where i sit in the cheap seats.LOL

I have come to the realization that my fellow man is not interested in this overlay topic.
I admire those willing to go up against the system and try to challenge it as righteous free men. I see no consensus coming on this issue. We are moving toward a new model that is very likely going to become more difficult not less difficult to make these arguments as an individual man. I have tried in the past to play in this commerce game. I personally gave into the fear and paid up. I had a wife and young children then. Life is complicated huh? Now i have to admit I have become cynical but still believe its worth trying to expose to those who will listen. I think there may be a better way to proceed as a group, no? Its a fascinating study that seems to suggest we have a very poor understanding of history. Just look at the cathedrals built between 1000 and 1600. Something has happened to us along the way.

WW1 & WW2 was a scam like almost every war. The details can be argued over and from what i gather its the same old power structure creating acts in a play that reduces populations and makes money.In peace time we are fleeced of our energy. Nobody seems to notice or at the very least care.

Chains said...

"Nobody seems to notice or at the very least care."
S/B Nobody seems to care or at the very least notice.:)

Liam said...

I could not care less who is a jew, or not?
They need and promote anti-semetism as always have and always will.
As per "Those who say they are jews, but are not"
As per "Those who say they are Christians, but are not"

What did I get from Edward Mandell House article?

" These tax laws were used to rationalize the need for legislation that allowed the establishment of tax-exempt foundations. The tax-exempt foundations became the link between the Groupmember's private corporations and the University system."

Is this not a partly potential remedy?
As in they can, I can, you can, we can too LOL
Namely, the establishment of tax-exempt foundations.