January 22, 2020

Myth of the 20th Century #154 - 2020.01.22

Chernobyl – Meltdown of an Empire

Myth of the 20th Century




jerry said...

Pile of doo-doo! Here's what it looks like TODAY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DWnjcSo9J0 Wanna know why the apartment buildings are abandoned? Because there aren't any jobs to be had at Chernobyl. Take a gander at the lush vegetation. I thought that nuclear radiation was supposed to destroy everything for millenia. Hmmm ... maybe it's not as dangerous as the rulers would like us to believe?

Maybe this guy is right: http://heiwaco.tripod.com/bomb.htm

jerry said...

The guy is walking around without any sort of radiation protection at all ... he's showing us a place that has been abandoned because there aren't any jobs there anymore. Christ ... he even showed a bumblebee pollinating a flower.

Nuclear power is a safe, viable form of energy for mankind now and well into the future.

This video should prove that!!!

Albert said...

Murdoch-Murdoch: Arthur-Donald: "Silly Hitler, YOU don't Have Blonde Hair!" ;-)

Galen Winsor: Nuclear-Material is not-only "safe + effective" but TASTY !!! ;-)

🌝 πŸŒš πŸŒž

KnownUnknown said...

Yes agree with both - Galen swam in the cooling tanks because the water was nice and warm.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

the khaants chained up there cooling water system valves. the underlying thesis about social/societal/technique degredation is the more valid approach here. think anything you want but all systems here in the west are chernobyl, i.e. noahide compliant. ultraphukked.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

palmerstonian fall out. BWAHAAHHAAAAAAA

. said...

Jerry, you are talking-out-of-your-butt-hole, Man.

Amanda said...

Jerry- Interesting, thanks for your thoughts on this. At this point, they have lied about everything, so nothing surprises me anymore.