January 23, 2020

No Agenda Episode 1210 - "Pain of Imprisonment" - 2020.01.23



jerry said...

This is not a comment about the video ... this is a comment about the dirtbag Clinton crime family which operated freely under Obama. https://truepundit.com/top-fbi-agent-died-after-uncovering-hillary-clinton-funneled-billions-of-tax-dollars-from-state-dept-to-clinton-foundation-and-associates/

Trump's DOJ under Wm Barr has this info on his desk and IS DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!! Trump is supposed to be "making America great again"?

Christ ... Obama was a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER before becoming an Illinois state Senator and then a US Senator for a couple of years resigning to be the President of the United States ... yet somehow he has managed to buy an $11 Million dollar house on 29 acres of prime Martha's Vineyard real estate. How? Where did he get the money?

This is how bad it is folks ... corruption from top to bottom and Trump is in on it from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet!!! They all seem to be raping this country at their leisure.

jerry said...

And don't forget about this guy: freeross.org He's doing DOUBLE LIFE + 40 YEARS W/O the possibility of parole for running a website!!! Jesus Fucking Christ!!!!

Amanda said...

Jerry-- I think the Kenyan and his tranny wife got $60 million for a "book deal." I'm sure that was just the payoff for being a good puppet for the (((central bankers)))) and the jews. That's how it works--all these political people get payoffs from their book deals.

From what I read over at conservativetreehouse (only good on the Russia Hoax/Ukraine hoax coup, bad on everything else), McConnell tells Trump who and who can can get confirmed, which is why Trump is surrounded by deep staters and NeoCons.

Of course, nothing good or just will happen at DOJ with deep stater/CIA Barr in charge. More on Barr here https://www.globalresearch.ca/ciabushiran-contra-covert-operative-fixer-william-barr-nominated-attorney-general/5662609 (his whole career was spent covering for the intelligence agencies, so of course nothing will get out there on that).

Also, I see Barr as kind of helping to set Trump up with coup #2. I've posted here https://www.sott.net/article/427213-Trump-reportedly-told-associates-he-killed-Soleimani-under-pressure-from-senior-Republican-senators-before-impeachment-trial#comment290602 on the whole idea of leverage and how Trump had it over the global and domestic swamp, when he held the threat of declassification of the Russia Hoax docs over their head, and how he lost the leverage when he ordered Barr to do it, and Barr did nothing and hinted that it won't happen.

I don't think there's any way to take this country back. Probably doesn't matter at this point b/c the central bank is actively working to destroy us.

Also, don't know that freeross.org guy (i'll look into it) but I know about this guy:

https://freeschaeffer.com/story/ (An FBI frame up and a rigged trial!--all b/c he accused state and federal authorities of being involved with drug trafficking and child prostitution)

jerry said...

Hey Amanda ... it was eery when Obama's birth certificate came into question. All of a sudden they started calling those of us who questioned his Presidential legitimacy as "birthers". Kind of like "holocaust deniers".

The story I got early on was that his mother went to Kenya to visit his (Obama's) father's hometown in Kenya. She was in an advanced stage of her pregnancy and when she tried to get on the plane to take her back to Hawaii to give birth, the airline made her get off the plane because they didn't want her giving birth enroute. She stayed in Kenya and gave birth to Obama there. Obama IS a Kenyan. His "presidency", therefore, was/is unConstitutional and every bill he signed into law is, technically, null and void!!

Unfortunately, it has come down to this: For our country to survive, the good guys in every area of government know who the bad guys are ... they have to take them out!!! If they don't, kiss this country's Constitution goodbye ... we'll beiving in a law of the jungle type of system. Truly, a survival of the fittest form of government.

jerry said...

As far as Obama's book ... I didn't buy it ... did you? Do you know anyone that did buy it? Or Clinton's "It takes a Village" ... I didn't buy that one either ... did you? Know anyone that did? How in hell are they getting millions for their "book deals"? Nobody buys their garbage yet a publisher pays them millions upfront for the rights? Where did the publisher get the money? That's how corrupted it is!!!

Obama's house is 70,000 sq feet. Think about that. I live in a 2100 sq foot house ... he lives in a house almost 34 times the size of mine. His driveway is a third of a mile long. Sort of PIGGISH isn't it?


Amanda said...

Jerry- of course, nobody buys those books, as PCR says, it's just modern-day money laundering and a way to pay them off for serving TPTB

Sadly, I don't think there are any good guys to take out the bad guys.