January 24, 2020

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2020.01.23

Jeff Rense is an American anti-New World Order activist. He hosts a website at Rense.com and is the radio talk-show host of the Jeff Rense Program. His show broadcasts on internet radio. The website and show often discuss topics such as 9/11, World War II revisionism, Zionism, contemporary geopolitical developments, alternative medicines and some more eccentric aspects such as Ufology.

Download Hour 1 - Devvy  - The Impeachment Freak Show - Greta Thunberg's Climate Change Hoax Is Damaging America's Children

Download Hour 2 - Br Nathanael  - Two New Videos

Download Hour 3 - Dr. Henry Niman PhD  - Nightly SARS 2.0 nCoV Special Report

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Zeebra said...

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Amanda said...


"n my last article, I detailed how former “epidemics,” SARS (coronavirus) and Swine Flu, turned out to be complete fakes. Eventually, it leaked out that medical experts couldn’t find the virus in people. You should really read that article, and read it again. And think about the implications.

Medical research honchos and the press are still calling the 2003 SARS dud an epidemic. Official stats indicate 800 people died, worldwide. If that’s an epidemic, there are pink tigers walking around on the far side of the moon."

KnownUnknown said...

Don't tell Jeff, Amanda.... He only has this left - until the aliens go public.