January 10, 2020


This is the essential road map to spotting a biological vs transgender person in Hollywood. This info covers the differences regarding female VS male skull/hip/spinal anatomy, proportions, and landmarks or other hardwired features which may indicate true biological sex. Despite some misconceptions, not every single celebrity in the west is transgender, and I give some examples to that here.


Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

Very nice Chainsaw. This can be very difficult to start seeing. For beginners I would definitely recommend the channel Transpocalypse Now, deleted from Jewtube, some of which can be found here


And I would recommend to start by looking at the monsters like Laura Dern or Ann Coulter, as their builds and skulls especially are quite obvious.

Brizer said...

So you have a family who is being faced with being thrown out on the street while a Somalian family is ready to move into that same house. Hey! Here's a great idea. Just tell the bailiffs that Raquel Welch is a tranny and watch the bailiffs and your problems disappear.
If only life could be that simple!

Chains said...

"So you have a family who is being faced with being thrown out on the street while a Somalian family is ready to move into that same house. Hey! Here's a great idea. Just tell the bailiffs that Raquel Welch is a tranny and watch the bailiffs and your problems disappear.
If only life could be that simple!"

Just tell the bailiffs that ______________________ and watch the bailiffs and your problems disappear.

You could fill that blank with any of our social ills using your logic. Maybe we should stop discussing it all? Or maybe just fixate on the tribe and not their methods? Maybe tell the bailiff its the Jews? Would that be better?

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

Good call Brizer, she is a real beast nowadays! If it were only a couple of them, that would just be their personal business. But there is a pattern of this in the elites, which reveals their satanic religion. Similar to finding out that behind all of your rulers are Jews, or finding out that a bunch of old men politicians you thought were white, are actually Jews with fake white names.

If you want to see a different type of their demonic sickness in action, learn to see this, and you will forever be repulsed by Hollywood actresses you might have otherwise found to be pleasant. Once you see it you can never unsee.

"Show me the offended tranny! I reserve all rights!"

Chains said...

It seems the trannie topic is getting everyone excited and upset.The transgender issue has been overblown in some conspiracy blogs/videos. I think the real take away is that many of the red carpet, A-list "woman" stars in Hollywood and on the elite modeling runway are trannies. There is a good reason for it. It creates a look that the greater population of women can't attain. It also gets men lusting after women that have actual male attributes.   It somehow takes away from naming the jew. LOL come on guys! If we look at the occult talmudic/kabbalistic/satanic version of our world only a fool would believe they haven't diversified their social change agents into almost every institution of self respecting Christian society. These people hold the real physical androgyne as the ultimate example  of what they want our  culture to look like. 
 Lets see, Law, Banking , Real estate, medical/Medicine/Big Pharma, The corporate model and corporate personhood and the rise of NGO's, Homosexual/Transgender, pedophilia (that they are working to decriminalize) , Immigration and the dismantling of historic culture in lands with historic culture, the true nature of our physical world has been shapes by free masons and kabbalists.. We seem to all love to chatter on about these issues on a case by case base to shore up a better understanding of each. However there seems to be shame in some areas because it makes "our movement" look ridiculous. LOL News flash folks we don't have a movement! We have a UN  masquerading as a beneficial body  staving off war and maintaining global financial stability through the IMF,World Bank and the BIS. We are heading toward a "brave new world " and people are not waking up! It's the same small percentage that show up to sites like this for their own personal therapy because they feel alienated in the real world they operate on a daily basis by the drones that make up most of their real world relationships.
 "When it was created, the American form of government was an experiment. 
The crux of the experiment was the idea that people could govern themselves without kings, popes, wealthy feudal lords, or warlords.

Thus, government would be made of, by, and for the people and not for any particular special interest group other than the people.

In order for the experiment to work, it was necessary that humans be given unique and special rights and powers - the powers and rights of personhood, guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and elsewhere in the Constitution. (It took us almost two hundred years to extend them to minorities and women, but the model/archetype/idea, at least, was in place.)

But then something bizarre happened.

In 1886 the court reporter of the U.S. Supreme Court claimed that the court had ruled that "corporations are persons" in the Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad case. If you read the case itself, you find that in fact the court ruled no such thing. But the reporter wrote it up in the headnotes of the case - not a legal document, but only a commentary on the case - and subsequent generations of corporate attorneys claimed it was so. Over time, it became so."
The more occult angle to the above quote from a summary of Thom Hartman's book "Unequal protection" is that people were made corporations within the law at some point soon after I believe.
Anyway here we are and we really are in quite a mess and as usual begin to fight about minutia instead of trying to catalog the bigger picture into the multifaceted grand conspiracy it is.

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

Good writeup Chainsaw. There is so much going on, and much of it is connected. We all share information with eachother to attempt to put the pieces together.

It started with global geopolitics, Israel, world banks. But now everyone here knows that Jews are satanic and sacrifice children. That is obviously a step too far for even the world weary voter who has finally come to realize that Israel controls politics of white countries. But the truth is the truth, and it has been hidden, and we have been deceived, and we are here trying to find it.

Freemasons of all races are also satanic. So what does that mean for them if they don't have the Jewish blood? How does their "satanism" manifest? Do they get a spot in the hierarchy if they do the work? Well they transgender themselves. They worship their androgynous Baphomet demon.

And yes, to get men to secretly lust after men in Hollywood, probably does something ritually for these creatures. People are willing to believe in God, but can't fathom that they would run into real spiritual evil on Earth.

People as corporations, our governments as corporations masquerading as real governments, and "I reserve all rights", are also absolute bombshell moments of discovery that most people probably won't ever learn.